What's NEW for RP & when?!?!?!

What’s NEW for RP & when?!?!?!

It would be nice to get a basic itinerary & rough timeline of what RP wants to add next. It’s been a while since RP asked for Feedback & Suggestions (S & F) about what the RP community would like to be added. There have been several competition & Forums for this purpose. All ideas, suggestions & feedback seem to just be lost like a distant dream. I’ve search through the Forums & its hard to even find the relevant pages etc.

Recently 7 card stud was added which was great - although I have little interest - but I had no idea it was even being added.

It would be nice to get a compilation of the Top 10 or 20 Suggestion, Feedback & ideas that RP intend to work on & implement in the future. Even something like we are working on Project X, Y & Z for the next 3-9 months. Even if its just 1 specific project with the intention to move onto another project after etc. I find it disappointing to be kept in the dark & out of the loop.

A few S & F that interested me the most were new table skins & new deck skins - customizable colour & design for both. I’m sure there were many other great S & F and ideas in general but I cant remember or find anything anymore.

As a reminder there were a few Topics (Areas) that RP asked for F & S including table features, site features & Achievements.

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Since you brought up the previous S&Fs, specifically those that offered prizes, I would be interested to know the turnouts of the contests. I have offered suggestions in those threads in the past but have no clue if they were even paid off. Once they get the info they seek, nothing else is said. I would hope one of the last posts in a thread of that sort should show the results of the contest. I know I’m curious and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

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You’re absolutely right! This is something that we need to do, and I’ve been talking with staff about it. Because the HTML5 conversion took quite a bit longer than expected, we’ve been leery of making any definitive statements, because missed deadlines are frustrating to all.

We’re currently in the process of growing our tech team. Once we complete our recruitment and our new developers are up to speed, we’ll be able to get a better sense of what we can accomplish. Sudden priorities that come up and may delay a new feature may not have as big an impact.

At that point, we hope to be much more communicative about our roadmap. We’re pretty excited about what we hope to accomplish in 2021. Though we’ll likely be pretty conservative about our estimations. :slight_smile:

We don’t tend to immediately share the outcome, as the projects can take some time, and some ideas we like may not actually work as well in practice.

Once the second Team Championship rolled out, we were sure to highlight what we changed due to feedback we collected from a contest the prior year. There are some things coming up where we’ll do the same. When we improve our achievement system, we’ll share what we specifically added thanks to the contest we ran a few months ago. Chasetheriver is currently mulling over the poker room changes we’ll make at the start of the year, and the thread on late registration may play a role in that.

If it would be easier to see the impact, I can also start going back and replying in the old contest thread to specifically call out the things we added once the changes have been made. :slight_smile:


Any news as to when and if a new table design will be coming ?

No news on this one other than it’s still a “when” rather than an “if.” I hope to have more info on this and other features once we conclude our recruitment.

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New table? Again? They still haven’t gotten all the bugs out of these yet. Personally, I like the design of those we are playing now. They offer the features that most desire and they aren’t gaudy like most of the competitors. The gaudiness of the other sites takes away from their charm and can be quite distracting. I would hope the developers keep that in mind while designing the new tables.

I would just like the table green but all around it a different colour , to make it look more like a table.


I would also love if we could have video chat. Except on bad hair days. :wink:

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If the deadlines are too much then Please!!! just give us a year and what is planned, and when it starts. Ignore my comment about time-frame & keep us informed about the schedule & deadlines. I would rather know something than nothing!!!

I understand there are still technical difficulties, bugs & glitches etc that are the No#1 priority for RP staff ATM. I’m not asking for RP to start a new construction project.

Even just keep the community & players informed with step 1 for 2020!!!

Step 1: I’m asking if at some point RP could compile a list of all S&F, ideas etc that were most popular. The Top 10 or 20 S&F or ideas that at some point, maybe 2021

Step 2: Maybe 2021 Jan/Feb, RP could let us know what projects are under construction for the year. This would obviously include the S&F and ideas that RP feel are most important, popular and realistically most possible to develop & implement.

Step 3: Start the project & let us know its stared. If it gets completed in 2021 great, but if not there is always 2022.

Obviously some S&F & ideas might not even work or be realistically plausible on the new tables.

Sometimes I feel all these S&F and competitions are just a distraction from the bugs, errors, glitches that still havent been fixed. The S&F, competitions don’t seem to have accomplished much except distraction.