My icon picture gets removed , jeez it was a joke… Trump / Trudeau… Putin / Poutine…people need to get a sense of humor .

You’re lucky if they don’t mute you 30 days for that comment. lol

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Yeah, they deleted my post in the “vote” thread…and I thought it was pretty funny…

Not everyone has a sense of humor… what a shame, the tables would be much more fun to play if people would just try laughing.

By proclamation of the Order for the Perpetually Offended, it is hereby decreed that laughter and independent thought is banned. We thank all of you who are not sharp enough to know why you should care.

That is a huge group…:slight_smile:

Which must not be offended…:slight_smile:

Lest they whine…:slight_smile:

ohh no and I just changed my pic lol

lol… you don’t look like Trump , so you should be good

I do concur !!! lol