Just a wondering

I’m beginning to think you try and force a player to buy more chips, by dealing him out with low chip count. I played with Full Tilt Poker and they did the same thing and they were found corrupt. Your not like that are you ?

Im a player on the site for 3 years. Helping now for free as a moderator, translater and other things too. My personal opinion, 1, I dont think so, 2, no point really 3, plenty of free chips.4 plenty free tour

When Paul took over RP, we talk a lot, he is a very resonable person. He agreed not to have ads, no bot gamers on site , only real users, no payed players, noone have a priority of cards. He did spend lots of hes own money for test the site by third party. The income is low, very low. But this not satisfy for a cheat, not a short term, not for long either. He run several internet business, he know, for a long success, he have to be fair.

I can safe to say, this site is clean. Besides, noone push you buy chips in any way.

I like this. And noone ever prove it othervise.

I never bought chips, made my first mill on low stake, it was prity easy.

BUT, Big thanks for the people who do buy chips and support this site! They are the real deal! Some even not need the chips, they buy it just for the support. BIG thanks for them, so we who dont buy chips, we others can play free any time. Servers and IT people cost money… you know…

Don’t get me wrong,I do like this site, but you have to understand I got burn’t on Full Tilt.Now i’m very wary. I bought chips when I did’nt have to and went through about 600k chips on so many hands that went beyond probability of getting beat brought back nightmares. That’s why I wondered . I know what your going to say , thats poker , but think of my past expiereance

I think I do understand, and know a lil bit about full tilt. Frankly, as player to player, I think if you not 100% comfortable buy chips, you should not do it. I think you aware buy the chips here only for fun, you buy feeling only, may support the site, but thets all. You not get back real money here. Simple as thet.Just play small, from free, have fun,work for the awards, small rooms, small slow play, and you see l8er. This was a “family” site, lots of people know each-other, great community, and RP like to keep it this way if possible with the higher player number. :slight_smile:

Hi rrumm, I can assure you we would never influence hands on the site. Every hand of poker dealt on the site is randomly dealt, pure and simple. The minimum you should expect from a poker site is getting a fair game. I can’t speak for other play money sites, but I can guarantee you that on ReplayPoker you can expect 100% fairness, all the time.

Paul, with all due respect, the hands aren’t randomly dealt. I’ve been on the site, which I like by the way, for only a couple of months and can already see a pattern.

The player with a higher ranking and more chips seems to always “catch” the winning card. It’s happened for and against me.

If you are behind pre-flop and go “all-in”, you are almost guaranteed a loss unless you are a higher ranking/more chips players.

Then it seems you have a chance.

I like the overall setup of the site as its seems more user friendly than other sites I have visited. However, I just wished it was more realistic play.

During tourney play, I always get AA, KK, or another large pair EVERYTIME I play. It’s unbelievable.

In real play, if I ever get a large pair, it will be some time before it ever happens again.

In Replay, it happens in every tourney and it’s multiple times. That isn’t realistic.

Thanks for the feedback Robert. I think the only way to really resolve this discussion, is for us to be more transparent. So by that I mean we give you access to all your stats so for example you can see just how many hole cards of a certain type you got. Also we’re considering publishing our shuffling algorithm and RNG set up so that anyone with a moderately technical background can inspect it for themselves (just as long as we’re certain information can’t be used in some malicious way). Otherwise it’s your word against mine, and without the raw data we’ll just go around in circles. I hope this is something we can provide to player in the next few months.