First, I would like to draw your attention to a major issue. Have you yourself sought to find any information at all for contacting you folks? Nowhere that I myself could find, was there anything similar to an open link for finding out how to write to you all about any issue in mind. Even typing in “contact us” in the main search help window wrought absolutely NO results. Yes I finally “accidentally” foudn these forums, but nowhere on your page, or at the bottom of it where company and site information is usually found, was there anywhere a link for “Contact Us”.

The main issue I wished to discuss was the actual pricing of the chips. A poker officiant I am not as my history and poker scoring records will show you. So it is often that I find myself buying chips to be able to continue to pay to play into the better game levels.

But I am at a turning point of going to a different site for paying the prices you have on chips is too financially burdensome during a course of the month (I am on a fixed limited disability income) for something that merely gives me an entertainment return. This is not real poker, valid money gambling poker. In Missouri, they have been asinine enough to not even consider online official poker for money in the legislature.

But to have to pay $20 for a measly $325K chips is far to high a price for mere tinkering game play. It takes at least $100K to play on tables that are in upper scoring levels (higher return for your hand) and enough to not be frustrating by simply playing $1-$2 penny-ante poker.

Let’s be fair, you guys are here for the profit, and there is no argument to that, but charging that much is actually costing you more in returns and customer happiness.

If a person can purchase say, 250K chips for $10, it puts them in the play for a good roll and allows them to be more competitive, but when you start making them upset for losing $20 cash per pop for a measly 325K in chips, virtual poker chips, then it takes all the fun out of it and makes the member feel they are being ripped off by… you guys none the less.

A person plays to win but realizes they cannot win all the time. If they begin to feel they are being railroaded in purchasing chips for a higher dollar amount, they begin to feel you folks are hyping the algorithms and causing a purposeful loss to those who are willing to keep playing while paying exuberant prices for virtual chips.

You start having unhappy or worse, upset poker playing members and they start looking for better sites. I noticed myself that it seems that your site has lost a goodly portion of its previous member count, with night time players obviously more scarce than you use to be able to tout. I would guess that this one reason is the cause, that buying more chips has just gotten to be unaffordable at those prices.

You pretty much could double the amount of chips for the price and fit a better range of happy players. $10 should buy me a cool $500K in chips, play chips mind you and enable me to play on tables where the stakes are exiting and fun. Now, I realize you have had certain infrequent specials where you offer more chips for the money, but take me at my word that you are losing money by not making those “specials” a norm, just make those prices the regular price and all would be happy.

While you continue to use the current pricing methods and levels, you will lose or at least not increase your membership numbers, having to accept the numbers of members lost already by not addressing this issue. Any company that suffers loses puts their focus on the reasons why, and turns policy around or redirects it to accommodate the problem and increase revenue. To ignore the loses is simply bad business.

Just open your site page at say 9pm at night and select tabs to get to Omaha Hi-Low or Royal
and look at the lack of players. Royal tables have been empty and void of players for some time now, and two years ago I could play almost any time of day and half through the weer hours of the night on the Royal tables, now there is nothing, flat out empty tables in the evening. Omaha Hi-Low was always half full through the page, now you guys are lucky to find even a quarter of that membership any more.

If you would smart-advertise widely and lengthy enough promotions for a spell and tell the members that a total revamping of chip prices in interest of member happiness, and player satisfaction is coming, all playing will love you for your genuine good hearted concern for the members appreciation and be more willing to load up on chips.

I give you this honest update in the interest of all, for the future happiness of both sides and in hopes it doesn’t get file 13’d in mere futile egotistical disinterest or arrogant ignorance. Its YOUR company no doubt, but its our participation that makes it a viable poker site out of all the competitors.

Thank you
Derrick J Drew
61 yr young retired vet - disabled
California, Missouri USA 65018

Hi Derrick,

To answer your first question, at the bottom of the Dashboard there is a link “about us” which gives a detailed description of Replay and also tells you the contact email which is

Every day you visit the site bonus chips are awarded up to 2,500 which can be topped up if you run out. Also there are regular free roll games taking place throughout the day which are very popular and provide hours of entertainment.

I hope you continue to play with us and also contribute to some of the topics here in the forum.

Best of luck on the tables!


You can also click on the little ? on the top bar and that will take you to support.

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Hi Derrick,

How often are you buying chips? If you are getting 325k and are going to tables that put your total bankroll at risk, I would suggest you read some of the threads, or search poker bankroll management. In my opinion, a player should play stakes no higher than 10% of their bankroll. I understand you want to play at higher stakes, but reducing the price of chips creates an inflation effect I think.

Most players here have built their bankrolls over time. Although there is nothing wrong with buying chips to support the site. My suggestion is you play at smaller stakes tables, develop some consistency in your play, and gradually build your stack. Although there will be times when you take a step backwards in your chip count, you will still have a bankroll and can make it back another day.

Poker is still poker, no matter what the stakes. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. And thanks for your service!



The reason I don’t visit other sites any more is because the exact opposite of what you’re suggesting.
Replay has kept the inflation under control thus far and most people appreciate that fact (and some complain about the generous sales they have sometimes)…I won’t mention any names but one site sends me occasional emails offering free chips…not just free chips but 1,000,000,000 “worth” of chips.
I took them up on it one time and discovered it was even worse than when I left.
Everyone has a gazillion chips and most play very poorly (players call practically any big bet with bad cards or go all-in preflop every hand).

I beg to differ…maybe try the 5/10 rings some night with my friends and me (search for GrandyB).
It’s almost always TAG play and the players play serious but fun poker…and the pots can be very profitable if someone doesn’t have a better hand than you.

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You can also try the Sit n go’s … where all you can lose is your initial buy in , there are both 6 and 9 seat games and a wide choice of buy ins. There are also the Leader Boards for these games so if you do well you can win bonus chips weekly in the Astral leagues and then again Monthly. Stick to the same buy in for these games , for a better outcome on the Boards . I wish you luck on the tables.


Looks like they just increased the amount of chips any package buys by 25-40%.

Can confirm… I often stop by Randy’s table after playing at higher stakes. Usually, everyone is pretty well behaved and you’ll find at least 80-90% of the player skill for only 1% of the bankroll cost. If you can handle big raises and some loose calls, you’ll probably do well. Sure, you probably won’t sock away 100-200K in less than an hour like you would at 500/1000, but I’ve rat-holed a good 30-40K chunk with a max buy-in (2K) in about 90 minutes or less.