Its bad, had 2 a before the the second hit out of time over and over

1 second to respond slow today is redicious

I don’t understand but am intrigued.

I dont get it too. Please explain the problem.

You had too less time?

On fast tables your clock is 10 sec and on regular you have 20 sec time to play. If your internet is not very fast, or you have running a lot of other programs, better play on the regular tables.

Or is it something else? Just a thought:)

I think that is what they were saying. Time ran out before he/she could play the hand.

I’m guessing the solution is to add a time-bank like you get on some of the other poker sites?

There is already a timer. I think it gives players enough time before it folds them. I dont think more time is needed.

I find myself timing out only because, I catch myself daydreaming or I get distracted.

I agree with rick. I think time limit is already enough.

Okay that’s good to know - sounds like the additional time bank feature isn’t too popular. Do you think in certain circumstances, like the final table of a tournament, a time bank feature would be useful? Or on other specific occasions?

I see one of my friend play on P4 , did timed out zillion time.

The internet is more demanding these days, example, small news site page can take 70 MB system memory alone. Please limit your usage when you need concentrate on important/heavy task. +1 on Paul about the flashplayer I suggest you to upgrade your drivers. (MB, video)

Check and close runing background programs what you dont need. (like office, or laptop driver check or similar) Try use ADblock program,(the most popular add-on extension for browsers) this will block the adds , ( you will love thet anyway) Less bandwith they take away. :slight_smile: if still experiencing slow game, go to your friend , try it on a better/other PC/mac.

Good luck

I think pissed is the proper slang terminology for mad, if that helps.

Time bank + time increment / move + cap on max available time.

This is the ultimate solution where all gaming sites should end up.

Let’s say you have 30 secs in the bank originally, you get 10 secs per move but you can’t exceed 1 minute.

Instead of the clock animation the remaining thinking time should be shown as a number so that every player can see how much time the other players have.

This would be a more flexible system. At the same time the overall pace of the game won’t decrease since it is determined by the time increment / move which can remain as it is now.