What's the point of a site that is unrealistic?

1.if i pre-fold it takes the check - then runs the clock when it’s my turn and won’t let me do anything 2. if i call it runs the clock down and folds me.

Have fun Learn the basics of poker Have a great community/friends Real games is different in many ways, longer play time, aka less hand to play , 6 out of 9 people will call usually with weak hand , they want it to play, cant blame them, do we? This couse more “lucky” quads ect :slight_smile:

I believe the clock run out mostly coused by the user PC/internet, this I hope will be solved with the HTML5 . For now, update adobe flash player Try out google chrome Try not to use wifi


Jeffcask, I agree with your assertion, that’s there no point playing on a site which is unrealistic. That’s why we’ve developed ReplayPoker to be the most realistic play money site around. You mention a few different issues, so let’s run through them:

  1. Problem with the pre-fold button, not working. I’ve never heard of any problem with this before. Can you confirm it happens every time for you, or just happened once? Can you provide a replay id so we can take a look at the hand?

  2. When you pressed ‘CALL’ nothing happened and the clock went down and folded you. This sounds like you had a intermittent problem with your internet connection, if you lost connection then what you described would happen. Are you on a wired or wireless connection? Is it a fast connection? How often has it happened?

  3. About the quads, perhaps you’re playing Royal Poker where the deck is limited, so the chances of getting quads is a lot higher. Our RNG/Shuffling algo have both been independently tested, and passed with flying colors. Click the ‘GA’ logo at the bottom right corner of our site to see our certificate.