Is the Website out of action?

Today the website is very slow and does not re_ credit the winnings . Are the programmers aware of this?

I cant register for tournaments. I get message that says this when I try to register. Tournament registration is unavailable. Try again in a few minutes.

I will keep an eye on my account to see if the credit will come through about 20K

Can confirm that the site is experiencing technical difficulties after messaging the mod. No confirmed time when it will be back up and running, but they are working on it

Chips disappeared during the difficulties. I tried to sit at a couple of tables. The chips were withdrawn from my account when sitting but were not deposited when leaving the tables.

Thanks for reporting the problem guys. We ran into some technical difficulties last night and we’re investigating it today to see what exactly happened and how we can prevent it happening again. All players should now have returned/refunded any chips from disrupted ring games and tournaments. Sorry about that and thanks for your understanding.

Am I going to have to start my daily log on bonus streak all over again. I was logged on both last night and today and for neither days has it gave me chips for logging in.

Drop an email to the support team ( or use the the little (?) help icon at the top of the main website, and they’ll be able to assist.