Chips refund

I am having problems with this site now that the changes are made I can not get in on my tourney table now and I want my chips refund for not being able to play after I registered. This stinks now since I cant play !

There is a problem at the moment, the tech team is working on it. Sorry for the inconvience, please if you was registered or can not enter a tournament send an email to for refunding of the buy-in.

Greetings Happiness.

I like the new site but cannot get to a table for Daily Million. Cannot get support to come up either. No game will come up and everything takes along time to load. Good luck tech team. Thanks hredmike.

Tables and tournaments running again. When you was not able to open the tournament table please ask back your buy-in by sending an email to support.

Hi PorksAngel,

Very sorry for the trouble today. I went ahead and refunded your buy-in for this tournament, so you’ll see those chips back in your account. We’ve rolled back to the old design temporarily, so things should be working properly now. Thanks for your patience.

Cheers, Lesley

Hi hredmike,

Apologies for the trouble during this tournament. Your buy-in was just refunded to your account.

Cheers, Lesley