Is it just me or the programme?

ive spent a lot of time this month at the tables…winning a decent amount in the rings and tournies but I’m short lets say about 15 million as that’s what the total I think I must have got sucked out for.With the ongoing experience its clear to me that the top 1000 players are lucky and skill is just a small compotent…id say a few a very good players…i don’t think anyone can explain to me how come I sucked out one hand and lost about 50 to the most ridiculous calls.
if I have a low pair it doesn’t it,they hit
same player in a tourney has 2 pairs and I got a straight on flop,ive lost all 3 times to the same player hes hit a boat.
if I am drawing flush and go all in I don’t hit,everybody else does.
ive lost 9 out of 10 AA;s
ive lost 5 out of 5 KK;s
I’m coming off a tourney again for the 4th time ive flopped straight and hes got 2 pairs and hits boat.
ive come 6th just out of the money (top 5 get paid) in atleast 15 tournies.
if hit nut flush on 4 occasions and all 4 occasions he ha s a boat on river.
most calls beyond me to comprehend,ive got JJ,ive raised 140k big table I get calle by 47 and he hits boat.reply I got after asking how can you even bet preflop with 47,he says you got to know how it works here.
From no.4 on MMT leaderboard ive gone to 15th or `17th as I cant win since two weeks and cant make the money list
of course I question the sense of the players like flop is K55,i got A55 I’m all in
player calls with 44 and hits 4 on turn…and I’m not ranked 900k and stupid to go all in but something makes them believe their 44 is good.So many calls like this and I’m beginning to think am I such a stupid player or my luck so bad,i pretty much know how to play I think so it cant be that bad…so how does the players ranked top 1000 get away with murder every single time ive played them and they don’t lose playing donkey hands and making donkey calls…its shocking…
so what is the problem?i don’t know the system or just bad luck?
its got to attribute to something,can someone explain this lovely situation of losing to everything and anything for such a consistent period of time?


i have been twice in such a streak too, don’t know if there is some kind of bug in the system but it does look like it. since i have been in the same situation there are 2 topics that might help at least a bit:

this one was made on my first insane downswing: loss from 2M to nothing

this one was made on my second insane downswing: loss from 140M to 250K

you should also know that poor bankroll management and tilt have speedened up the process, but the bad luck streak was the same idea as with you.

hope this helps.

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going to go thru your posts…seems I’m not the only one lost here…but did better today came 2nd got donked,came 4th twice again got donked…all in a10 got called q2 off and q on river…the saga continues but atleast was in the money before being hammered again by donkey cards…never understood their brains to even make those calls knowing fuilly well after playing everyday that I’m not going all in with trash…but the dealer gives it to them…so 3 final tables and beaten by worse hands but in the money makes it better than getting the wooden spoon…and what was the rank of the player calling on q2…1800…hmmm…is that that more stupid you play and risk your rank gets better?

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indeed a odd shove call. how much BB’s had he? if very low there might be some reason, but it seems odd anyway.

perhaps he bought chips and is new or is in tilt?

one of those players who never wins a tourney and ranked few thousands just see him around often but typical of him to do so…I was all in 4500 chips and he had about 5600 chips…shove ok understand but with two overpairs and I go all in most of the players I play with wont call whom I play with everyday…they know I’m not bluffing…the problem has been a showdown with better cards losing…im just back from playing the rings…its worse than ever now…I bet 195000 my all in with two pairs on flop this woman calls 195k to chase flush and hits(ofcourse thank you replay)…everyone else hits a boat but I don’t hit a boat but add insult to injury give them a flush that’s good enough …this is so ridiculous…
and does it again but this time with only 90k…so what do I do with the 2 pairs fold?give up? I played 195k with 100k in the pot on flop so no one would chase the flush but it was a insta call no hesitation nothing …then I went on tilt and recovered 300k…mind you there are some good players in the rings I think they spend about 10 to 15 hours there…they raise with premium hands,dont chase,play by the book…they sit for hours without calling a hand also…they wont call a raise from 1000k to 2000k…insta fold…but the nature of the beast of the rings is such people love the challenge of donking…so even if they call/raise a good hand 50% will call the raise hoping to donk,all know hes got a good hand…but all have a prayer what if my hole cards 23 flops 332…possible so call it…laters m8 off to sleep for a while…


I cannot explain coincidence… but I had a run, only MTT… 14 in a row, the hand that busted me out, I got my chips in with the best hand, and got sucked out on… 14 in a row…

I guess all that means is I was playing “good” poker …

on analyzing it I was not playing bad poker,i generally don’t unless I’m sometimes bumming around in the rings for few hands…its hard to tell how good a poker game you playing…then again you look around you and you expect players of a certain caliber and they would make certain calls and wont make…now the problem is the wont make calls are often and some of them are shocking…also if you notice in every tounrney upto the 50k buy in there will always be one player ranked 500k and above cleaning up…he has no idea of the game but simply calling every hand every raise and hitting…this one player(different people) appear in every tourney just one of them and they just murder the game…ive been on the receiving end of many such hands…there is no justification as to why he called as he doesn’t know any better…leave it at that…just got off one tourney -50k,same situation one clown just calling anything and taking out one player after another.Is this some sort of gift from replay to them so they sustain donking and keep coming back?

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Jazz - I don’t think anyone will argue with you about there being some serious donks playing in almost every game. I just want to point out that, with very few exceptions, the MTT’s here are short formats. Some are crazy short, like starting with 50BB and blinds going up every 6 minutes or so.

What this means is that any player can do very well if he/she catches just a few big hands. Weak players seem to benefit more from this than strong players because as a general rule, weaker players tend to play bigger pots. Makes sense right - higher variance players tend to play higher variance pots.

So, if 100 people start an MTT and 10 of them are just flat donkey-bombers, it is highly likely that 1 or 2 of those 10 will make their hands and become deep stacked (make it easy and say 1 in 8 will win 3 consecutive coin flips). A luck-box with a deep stack is harder to get rid of than bedbugs, especially in a short tournament.

My advice to you is to look for the tournaments with the longest formats - largest starting number of blinds and longest duration between blind level changes. Only a few of the games here are deep but they do exist. Some of the 15K regional games come to mind as the best in this regard.

Just because I haven’t asked the Replay staff for any major changes in almost 2 days, here goes: How about creating a few more deeper format games for the more strategic minded players? I know they take longer but it would certainly be a selling point if say the 50K or 100K games had formats that were more conducive to playing poker than the 5K’s do. Maybe throw in some deepstacks events as well? Having short-format games is fun but having some deeper games would be great too. Its hard to sell a 50K or 250K tournament that has a format nearly identical to a 2K or 5K and less deep than many of the 15K’s.

Every tournament has a range of players in them, with ranges of styles and strategies. In general, the longer the format, the more likely it is for the stronger players to rise to the top. If its a matter of hitting 4-5 big hands, anyone can do it. If you need more than that to reach the cash, then the better players have a chance to rise while the odds catch up to and eliminate more of the donks. You will still have to navigate through the stages of the tournament but these formats should provide better games once you make it through say 50% of the field.

Added: You cannot change the types of players who register for a tournament, no matter the buy-in. You cannot change the way people will play, no matter the buy-in. The only real way to get better games is to change the format so that it benefits the stronger/more strategic players. You will have better games from the format change immediately and you also should see the tournaments themselves start to attract more of the types of players who would do well in them and fewer of the donks.

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I suggest going on tilt more often.

[quote=“jazzbythebay, post:1, topic:6683”]
I’m coming off a tourney again for the 4th time ive flopped straight and hes got 2 pairs and hits boat.
[/quote]Did you try and bet them out, or did you play coy and try to get profit thuss letting them hit thier hand?[quote=“jazzbythebay, post:1, topic:6683”]
ive come 6th just out of the money (top 5 get paid) in atleast 15 tournies.
[/quote]Are you playing the right bubble strategy ??[quote=“jazzbythebay, post:1, topic:6683”]
ive lost 9 out of 10 AA;s …ive lost 5 out of 5 KK;s
[/quote]Again how are you playing them, 5 of 5 KK loss’s, did you shove 1 of them?[quote=“jazzbythebay, post:1, topic:6683”]
From no.4 on MMT leaderboard ive gone to 15th or `17th as I cant win since two weeks and cant make the money list
[/quote]Finishing in top 15 and getting a champ ticket, is not doing badly … Do you have the right leaderboard strategy ?? or are you just cramming tournies, just like ppl chase lost money in rings then lose far more…

Jazz, start writing down everytime you dish out a bad beat, and everytime you lose to a bad beat ( and you know what I mean by that )… you might see that you aren’t really, on a crappy luck streak after all…[quote=“jazzbythebay, post:1, topic:6683”]
1000 get away with murder every single time ive played them and they don’t lose playing donkey hands and making donkey calls…its shocking…
[/quote]Ohh really?? I made it to top 500ish, I wasn’t getting all the miracle suckouts I got elsewhere… It was only after dropping levels , cause I had to , that I get my head outta my buttinski, and realized what what going on… I got to 19m, then everything went south… all the way down to 100k… I switched strategies, we’ll see how that works, but during that streak I entered and made it to the final table of a 5k regional ( normal MTT strategy )… that tells me I am playing within my skill level.

Jazz, obviously if you are having problem with bubble strategy, then you’re gonna miss more than a few… that part of the game is necessary to know and do well at. Leaderboard strategy isn’t that hard either, by the 20th, you better have your lowest @ 12-14k, and have a few wins. From there pretend its the olympic promotion, only accept top 3 finishes…

Yes, the 1 thing on bugs me the most, is the “replay river”, but I think all it is… is you fell into the o’le… Im dwelling on my play to much, and not just playing … trust me I’m already there.

lol, too bad that strategy won’t work for me so well :stuck_out_tongue:

semi tilt if there is such a thing…loll…it seems even now the 50k tourneys are becoming a joke with low ranked players coming in and making a mess of the game…obviously the face is new to everyone so really no history of them playing…last week I raised on 10k suited 300 in a 50k tourney…got a call from this new player…he had A9 offsuit…flop was K36 rainbow flop…I bet half my stack he called
turn was a 5…still believed my k10 is good,so I go all in…he calls hits Ace on river…
now what do you do with a moron like this…this I’m talking not 1k tourney but a 50k tourney…no straight,no flush absolutely nothing no chance based on board for his A9…some things you cannot explain…and most of these players who called stupid hands are ranked between 10k to 20k medium scale…they are a complete nuisance and just play any crap.

when I flopped the straight I was all in on the flop…blinds were already high these hands were all final table hands…i don’t see the bubble strategy working here anyone with half a hand are going all in and everyone wants to preserve their stack as you as you could lose equal or more and sets you back few players…with 2 pairs and also players on a belly buster or flush draw are calling…if they see a possible str or drw on the flop…as most players of open ended are going to call as its a 31% chance to hit by the river…but my call is clear I’m all in no matter what…
both my AA and KK I was all in preflop didn’t slow play or soft call them…
its not so bad ive fallen from 9 million to 1 million…my last million is floating between 1 to 2 million…im playing a different strategy now…but here its mostly the player whom you playing as the bandwidth of each player of calling is different…thank you both for taking the time and effort in making your analysis and much appreciate your valaublo input…cheers…

Jazz, I feel your pain… I was near 5m forever it seem’d… bumped up to 19m, then the bottom fell out… and that up/down was all really quickly… Im slumm’n it now… and really I don’t deserve my 20k ranking, but that just goes to show, ranking has nothing to do with skill of a player…

I do know there for awhile I was having probs with bubbles, and it was me @fault , I had to just chg my way of thinking, and it went away as much as it can. Currently I switched strategies and we’ll see how it goes… I’ve seen u play, u plau ok… just ride it out, I guess…

My question would be how many chip packs have you bought lately? This is not an actual poker game. It is a computer programmed to make the owners money. Remember when you first got here? Did you win and win and win? Finally you started losing much like I do all the time, in fact you describe it very well.
Once a person gets down to very little chips he is asked over and over to buy chips. You see that’s how they make their money. Now pretend you own this site. Do you want the people who pay your salary to keep paying your salary? Of course you do. So you program in a system of hierarchy. People who don’t pay money do not win as much as people who do.
The difference between here and a real casino, is that in a real casino you actually do have a chance to win some money, real money. No matter how much money you put in here you will never win money, only a good feeling of being a winner.

So the people who have shown they are willing to buy chips are made to win more so they don’t have to buy chips? What a clever marketing strategy! The new path to success… eliminate your customers. Brilliant!

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Paulus,thank you for your input,appreciate it…frankly if you are a good player you don’t have to buy chips as in the long run you will come out on top…the question is only how much…I have never bought chips here and went on to win over 20 million only to lose it all in the rings…then from zero and hitting the 2500 chips rebuy 10 times I managed to win 1k,5k,15k tournies and thereafter went on to win the 50k,100k,250k tournies…by then I was at about 8 million then came the downfall…i lost a large chunk on the 20/40k table…most of it…then sustained due to winning on the 1/2k table in the rings…
what you saying is right,if they don’t get players to buy the site will shut down as I’m assuming they not running this site with sponsors but based on chip buying model.
I’m not sure about one thing you mentioned-you claim that those who buy chips win more than those who don’t? how would the dealer recognize that? you telling me the programme will be fixed that the chip buyer gets the benefit of doubt on cards dealt or get winning hands laid out?




I’m with you on your message on the same page,most donks will not be able to sustain long games…they play every hand and at some point going to lose as to them if they see an Ace in their hand and board its like having royal flush…i may beg to differ on the lower buy ins-1k,2k,15k games are total trash on this site,its a bingo carnival…you cant dodge 4 donks every hand even with AA,the odds are tough to win…everyone is calling every hand practically how in the world is it possible unless you raise over the top from others from calling and you cant keep raising to clear the players out…you may not believe it but sometimes its tougher to win these small ones than the 50k,100k tournies as you are dodging 2-5 hands every game…the navigation is highly improbable here…and these donks just don’t go away…they keep callng and they don’t care if they lose…but they wont spare you till the river,once they bet they go the nine yards…
I would inclined to recommend the bigger buy ins to be longer but sustainable to a point with the blinds structure being condusive .,
rgds jazz

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While it can’t be proven it fits what’s happening. I lose to spenders and non spenders alike but spenders fare better than others.