I won the Step 4 to 1 Million SNG!


I really liked the idea of this, so I tried pretty hard to get to the top. Maybe I’m the first one to do this :smiley:
However, it took really long to find a match since there were few who had the ticket for this tournament.
I hope it will be better soon.

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Hi @NoGangNoGain

You are the first winner…today

There were 5 winners before today, but Congratulations anyway. :partying_face:

It is true that the higher Steps, 3 & 4 are taking longer to fill, but the 100K Streak tickets can be used to jump into Step 4, so it is not always necessary to go through the whole progression.

I am closely monitoring the uptake. I have played a few myself. As always, general feedback is welcome.


Yea !!! Congratulations @NoGangNoGain for setting the record, first to win!!!