Tonight started out well

I won my first SNG of the night, playing well. Got good cards, hit good boards, bet well, folded well, players called me or folded out of my way.

Next game, I finished 6th, then 9th. My fault.

Then this game. First hand, I’m on the BB and get 99. A few limpers come around to me, I bet the pot, 5BB raise. Get one call from the Button, and a re-raise from the SB. I call. I figure I might be up against a bigger pair, but we’ll see what the flop gives me. Flop is 495, I have a set and know I’m ahead of TT+, which is what I put my opponent on, and I’m ahead of any 2 Pair or smaller set, so I feel good. I’m expecting him to try to shove here, and sure enough, he shoves. I call. He has 67, shoved a OESD, and rivers the 3 for a straight to knock me out.

Nothing you can do about a hand like this, it’s a situation where calling the shove is absolutely called for.

Yep, just one of those nights. My penultimate hand of tonight’s Diamond Seekers tournament, had my cowboys cracked by the tourney big stack’s QJs.

Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue.

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Thanks for hanging out w/ me tonight, @WannabeCoder, it was fun. Don’t spend all my chips in one place!


I totally agree…I can’t even imagine what Andy was thinking unless it was a bluff that turned into a whole lotta luck!

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