I am worries for replay poker!

Replay Poker is the best place to play poker. I cant find any other place thats better. I am a big fan of HU no limit holdem and I am a specialist, but lately I am worries. At the 40 million and up stake there are not a lot of new players, its the same face over and over again. And at night I have to wait 8 or more hours for players to show up.

Replay Poker we need more players on this site and I feel one of the biggest problem is the whales are not allowed to purchase large stack of chips, we need 200 million package, you can make it cost 1000 dollar. This will be fine because then you can offer 1 billion cash tables.

Also for tournament the highest buying in only 5 million, we need 100 million or more buying tournament!

Well, perhaps you can ask replay to allow you to stake some other players who cannot afford a 40 mil buy in…I am sure that there are some people on tihis site who would be willing to accomadate you…




@Ilovecat - I agree that this is the best free poker site available today though I’m not sure selling bigger packages of chips would do anything to help in the long run. IMO, finding a way to attract and then retain the better players is the key. Many of the better/best players seem to leave this site at some point. Just look at the top-10 ranked by chips: only 2 or 3 of them are active. Many leave well before they accumulate a lot of chips, for various reasons. This is one of the bigger issues I see with this site overall. There are certainly things that can be done to mitigate the attrition rates but I think most everything is on hold until the HTML5 switchover is made.

Unless the site finds a way to keep successful players around longer, you’d still have only a dozen or 2 playing at the highest stake rings or tournaments. Changing a players bankroll doesn’t change a thing about their game. So, if the players in high stakes all bought 100 million chips and were playing elite stakes tomorrow, they’d still be the exact same players. If you want to play against them, just drop down to the 20K/40K tables. The only difference for you would be the number of chips on the table. I think the issue is that you want competition and right now there aren’t that many you find competitive to play.


That is one reason why people like me left sites like PokerStars.
The inflation got so out of hand it just wasn’t fun anymore (they emailed me 1M chips but that is nothing when most players are billionaires).
I could see your point if we were all playing for cash and you wanted to see higher stakes but not at a free site.
Also, people can still come here and spend $1000 on chips if they want, no?


AMEN !!! I am yet another player that has hit the Replay wall.
and I’m stuck just above the crazies, just below the sharks…


actually i want chips. hehe

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Does that mean you are not going to stake anybody???

well this replay site could be so popular only if they up the chips i came here to play poker not to be put out of the game your chippy s are worth nothing zippo zero sooooo why dont you give us 4 times 5 ks and be done at least we play for a while and keep your 2500 or 2000 or tour 1500we after all i came here to play poker not sit on my butt and wait for the next replay i find i hate waitting to get funds or else another thing if i won and change table for hier stakes i dont get my money fake that is and some times have to wait till it fells like giving it to me and i cant play cause its slowwwwww at giving it to me ty ernie

Playing poker means, controlling your bank & funds. If you are always waiting for more free chips then you are relying on someone else and not controlling how you budget your chips.
There are a lot of free rolls to get chips for no cost.
There is also a ton of suggestions in forum on how to do better, and get more education/knowledge.
If you would like anyone’s advice I’m pretty sure they will give you all you can stand.
I also will help if you want (send a friends request & ask me anything) I might not know the answer but I will do my best to help any way I can.


And yet so many folks play any two cards from any position…:slight_smile:

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Because it would lead to more inflation.
During my first couple of months here I found myself having to buy chips if I wanted to play any higher stakes than the Duck Pond.
After learning more about bankroll management and poker strategy I finally am at a point to where I may never need to make a another purchase (although I might throw in a tip now and then as a means to support the paid employees that work here to make this site what it is and will become)
The chips are cheap considering their entertainment value and right now as I write this, all chip packages are half price… so you can buy 50K chips for $2.49!

That has to be one of many factor that helps you play differently! You have to include limpers, all in players, call anything players, chips have no value players, and play anything players, when finding your game style on free poker sites.

The chips we play with have no price but that doesn’t mean they have no value. The cost of losing them repeatedly is the time it takes to get more free chips. If your time is valuable to you, that should encourage you to learn how to not go broke.

Once upon a time, there was a monthly magazine called Gambling Times. Like many things, that magazine has passed away and is now only a memory. I mention this because one of the things that stuck with me from reading it was the magazine’s tag line, motto if you will. “Gamble WITH your head, not over it.” What they meant by that was to keep within your means. Players that are constantly broke and have to wait more than a few minutes for the next available refill of their “free chips” are ignoring the most basic thing about rational play: bankroll management. If your entire bankroll is on the table, a single mistake or miscalculation, or even simple pure bad luck sends you home wearing a barrel instead of your clothes.

The variety of stake levels here allows everyone the opportunity to play for stakes they can afford to lose at for several maximum buy ins before going broke–provided the player is doing anything beside just throwing chips away. If a player just throws their chips away, there is nothing that can be done to cure their problem until they decide to learn the game. This isn’t the lottery. Every ticket does NOT have the same chance to win. Even playing only the best starting cards cannot guarantee success at the end of the hand.

If a player has only 2500 starting chips, they really shouldn’t have more than a few hundred on the table at any one time. If they manage to double up, they should EXIT that game and bank their chips. Then they can return to that same level at a different table, and start over with that same few hundred chips. Then, when they grow those chips again, they should harvest them again. As their bank grows, they can afford to move up in stakes so their buy in stays proportional to their bankroll. This is the ONLY successful way to survive in poker. Play for stakes you can afford, limit your losses, bank your winnings and succeed.

Every serious player will decide how much of their bankroll they are comfortable risking at any given moment. Most of them end up deciding to risk NO MORE THAN 5% of their total bankroll on a whole game, NOT ON A SINGLE HAND.


Oh I’m pretty sure he will get plenty of advice regardless of whether he wants it.


I worry more about hunger, compassion, government, taxes, survival, wars, corruption, inequality, human rights,

that is quite a burden…thank you for shouldering it…


I have many chips…i buy them mostly
But the BIG problem is :slight_smile:
And i have the info from the crew here on the site…It is… they have not enough space on their servers… as you se one by one player at the table… go out… loosing their connection …
The second problem is - they said they would upgrade…to an app… or in a way so people did not be cut of…50 procent of my friends has gone now…they HAVE TO … find another site to play on… so bigger stacks do not solve the problem

So Replay owners…
Do something…or you close down…
Love to play here… have many good friends. do not want to loose more…
I have an air born browser… so my problem is doubble…that i can solve…
But i am not able to solve… Replay s server problems

I saw your struggles earlier at the table. I am sorry you are having problems, and I hope they can be sorted out soon.