Replay sunk

I have begun to hate poker thanks to Replay … I’ve learned on line poker isn’t conducive to the real play of having real money of your own on the table. It’s filled with kids or people that like that feeling of dominance… overpowering tables of low stakes with high anti or bets. People going all in on their first two cards. It’s aggravating and annoying… what use to be a fun site has turned into a joke and a waste of my time.


me4, so sorry you feel that way, unfortunately you are going to get that at any site you play at. I agree it can be annoying at times, that kind of player doesn’t usually last long at the table, I hope you stay with replay and learn not to let the way others play annoy you. Enjoy your games and good luck at the tables :slight_smile:


I think that you’ll find, with a minimum of effort, that you will rise through the ranks and find players that do challenge you.

I don’t know how you think that you can compete at the highest levels here if you are completely unable to beat fish who just throw their chips around as if it’s confetti!

People who go all in on any two are easy to beat, random raisers are slightly more difficult but still, if your ambition is to play real money, pretty easy.

Overcome the low levels and hold your own at the highest levels on RP and then you are capable of having a good crack and entry level real money.

If you are playing for fun and expecting some real money simulation, you will be disappointed.

Take the chips from the fish here, play the highest levels here and then play the lowest stakes real money.

Life is easy if you understand the difference between trainee and expert.

Hope this helps

slava Ukraini

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Get used to it. As long as it costs them nothing to go all in with napkins, they will do it as there are no consequences to their play. Wait them out until you have strong cards and you will eventually take their chips. More importantly, don’t play at the lowest stakes. Play higher stakes and you will see similar play, but if you wait them out, the payoffs are much larger. Personally, I don’t understand playing 1/2 and sitting with a bunch of limpers and bozos that go all in every hand.


Deciding when and what to bet on each hand is perhaps the most important element in playing poker. Serious poker players, whatever the stakes real or imagined, evaluate each hand from pockets to the River based on the situation as the cards are dealt, and bet accordingly. Fools make their decisions based on their “feelings” rather than upon the probabilities that are fundamental to the game. Players reveal themselves and their skills, and that becomes an important element in how the bets are made … and won. Some arrive and leave broke and disappointed after a short sessions, others soon find their feet and either learn or leave. Others join us with serious skills, and soon rise in the ratings to become daily desperados.

The problem it seems to me is that purchased chips are treated the same as those earned by actual play. Buy 5 million chips and it might seem that you are much higher rated than someone who has won their rating in competitive play. Perhaps that could be “fixed” by having the site subtracting purchased chip count from earned chip count before assigning ratings. Maybe not. Since I play poker here strictly as an intellectual exercise, I can mostly live with things as they are. BTW, I’m currently rated in the upper 6000s.

Folks complain of the “Bingo Players” here, but that sort of player can be found at almost every card table wherever it is. These are where the best players get most of their earned chips. Fools rush in and go all-in on unsuited low-probable cards, and wiser heads wait and use the information the rookies freely provide as the strength of their hands. They do win, sometimes a lot, but in the end all those chips end up in the bankrolls of the best players. For chips it is in my experience easier to take them from the fools, because winning large pots consistently from experienced players with large bankrolls.

See ye at the tables.

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Once I started keeping Notes on Players that I met up with often- & folding more iffy starter hands- things calmed down…

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There is nothing anyone can say that is going to change how players play. “ it is what it is “ . Go with the flow or go insane.