I am happy and bored at the same time!

right now, I have reached a new zenith in terms of my NL holdem ability! I am probably in the top 99.9999% tile in terms of strength. Almost unbeatable!

In all honesty I am a little bored with NL holdem, for me it is so easy I just do the same thing over and over again and collect chips.

I want to try new games such as pot limit omaha. unfortunately there is no 200 million or higher tables!!

Please add pot limit omaha high-stake tables.

Also I started out as a tournament pro, when will replay add high limit tournament tables? such as 100 million buy-in tournament?

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not sure if it’s meant as a brag or troll thread :slight_smile:. but i’ll do agree replay could use these kind of games.
i’m no omaha player, but since there already is a 500M hold’em table, then i assume a 500M omaha table would be fair too. as for the tournaments. the biggest one here is a 5M tourney. which is a major difference to 500M. i understand why ring games are higher then tournaments, but 100 times bigger seems a little too much to me. in other words, bigger tournaments could be a great idea to add as well.

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