St. Patrick’s Multi-Million Weekend!

This weekend we’re running a special weekend promotion for St. Patrick’s Day, you can read the full details on our blog.

We’ve created this topic in case you have any questions about the promotion. Feel free to post them here and we’ll do our best to answer them. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Sounds good!!! I only have green bikini underwear do I qualify?

A few usual tourneys are cancelled for this weekend or the time is changed. On the he MTT page you can see the start time of all tourneys this weekend and you can register 3 hours before the tourney start.

Good luck all:)

Loving these event tournaments :). Worlds End tourneys were one of the best i know, but this looks sweet too :D. I hope we can break 100 players in tourney ^^

please help us, the game just never ends even though our chips is reduced to 0.

and the main problem is the 0 chips players keep on playing the game n still can win pots!


Hi topeqkhir

Thanks for reporting yesterday. Andre (staff member) was able to fix the problem before step 2 started.

The final ranking ( step 1) of the top 25 players was not clear for 100%, Thats why ReplayPoker has decided to award the top 25, 4 green tokens for entry to Sunday’s Multi-Million.

I think its great that replay decided to reward the top 25 players with four tokens as there was a major malfunction in the game. Now how is replay going to reward the players who lost their chips due to tables not opening during the game?

Sorry if you had problems during the tournament midwestjack, I’ve comped you free entry to today’s tourney, so you can go ahead and register now. We’re working hard to fix this problems, so we appreciate your patience!

Thanks Paul, I sincerely appreciate that!

thanx Happiness for the hard work =)

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the St. Patrick’s Multi-Million Weekend. It was a fun way to spend the weekend. We’re looking forward to doing something just as special for Easter in a couple of weeks.

For those who missed the Sunday 5 Million Tourney, here’s the finishing places:

1st: jamesj - 2,000,000 chips 2nd: peewee333 - 1,000,000 chips 3rd: enzoistda - 500,000 chips 4th: redflame - 400,000 chips