Replay World Cup Tournament

THANK YOU Replay for a great Competition!!

International flavor - I really enjoyed all the attention this drew internationally! I met lots of folks from Europe and the Pacific Rim whom I would not usually meet in my Central Time Zone play!

Format I really enjoyed the competitions! the format of 4 satellites per day, the tickets for entry into the four finals was well-designed and very enjoyable. The time slots seemed to be well-selected for the majority of Replay registrants!

Now that the competitions – the 4 finals are complete - I have a couple questions …

  1. I played in the last final, finishing 10th. I was awarded 25K and “4 chips”. What does that mean - the 4 chips?

  2. When checking Promotioons, I found it listed under Past Promotions here:
    There were no results. That is, there is no listing of the top finishers and winners.
    Do you plan to provide those?

Again… Thanks for a great tournament!



I agree it was a very fun tournament and hope we will do this again. The quality of poker was so much better and we didn’t have the all inner’s at every table. I was wondering why the +1 chips etc. also. Thanks to all that set this tournament up, well done !!

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Hi Fin, glad you enjoyed it and we will do another one like it as soon as we see an opportunity.

  1. The odd 4 chips represented the value of World Cup Tickets themselves. They were valued at ‘1’ chip, The system paid out 242, 246 chips etc, according to the Tournament payout schedule for 27 players on top of the 27 configured Prizes we listed.

Paying out tickets and chips combined in the satellites is a relatively new method we have employed and it looks to have worked well.

  1. There was no Leaderboard, but anyone who registered for a Final got at least 5,000 chips for having a go. The tournament Lobbies are still in the MTT Lobby for a few days and we moved the main page back to the current promotions for the time being too.

@Sassee-Lassee, great to hear feedback of the actual play. Considering it was a freeroll and open for registration for 2 weeks, it was good to see so few players as No Shows and to learn everyone was actually trying.



Thanks so much for moving it back so we can check out the finishers!

I thought it was very nice the way it was set up. It would have been
great to have those chips that represented the world cup were turned into world cup tickets that are worth 15k are something maybe gold tickets that you could use in different mtts. I also thought that the pay out should have been adjusted when the tournaments started because the promotion shows a 3 1/2 mil pay out
but there was under 300 players in each tournament set up for 400. If there was a way that the pay out would change or adjust to the amount of players when the tournament starts. That way the whole payout amount of 3 1/2 mil. will be received by the players. Thank you so much for the world cup.
Mark B.

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It would also have been nice for the winners to have bragging rights by having
a flashing list or something to show that they have won the tournaments with out going back to view the tournaments them selves or putting an icon on their profile page. Maybe a world cup representing their win or something a star saying world cup. Just an idea ##. Thanks Mark B.

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Yeah MarkLou - I’ll brag about ya anyday!!! :wink:

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