More SnG Heads up tables at different buy-ins other than 5K and 10K and other general comments!

We need more SnG Heads up tables period!!! All we have now is 5k and 10k Holdem - unsure about Omaha since I don’t know how to play Omaha and unsure about Royal Heads up and I have played it but come on get real!!! Waste of time!!! I don’t like the 10 minute registration time because most of the time is when all of the all in players get in and the not so bright people who play anything and most of the time win!! Why can’t we have a few more SnG tables with buy- ins of different amounts instead of 5K and 10K just an idea!!! Now we get on people who play well I would say better than I and they sit out - well I would have sworn that problem had been fixed, but undoubtedly it has not or some of the moderators(which I know are busy) not down on the moderators so don’t go there, they just don’t watch tables or unable to watch as closely as they should. It is not fair to have a table of 9 or less and have 3 people sitting out it is just not fair. I am ready for the folks who want to call me a whiner but I some pretty good ideas but haven’t put them here merely for the reason if ya don’t kiss butt with some nothing gets done. I come here to relax as I am disabled - but I get so frustrated when they sit out and hey I know it’s free, but I also want it to challenge my mind that it’s only chips not real money - I don’t care that it’s not real money I guard my chips as if it were money! If this doesn’t make any sense just delete it or message me back and ask me questions!!! :slight_smile:

Have to carefull with high sng heads up. Its too tampting for some to cheat. Its not moderator job watch seat out users. Wont be. Ever. Soon , hopefully, have mod button, after thet will be better, call mod if any prob. No need kiss at all. Some pp like to bump they thread in a daily basis, ofc they got attention, unfortunatelly, this not against forum rules.

ladyNorage, thanks very much for your suggestions. Please can you split each one into a different topic, that way it will be easier for us to monitor and reply, and not miss anything.

We’re going to be adding more SnG tables, but first we’re working on adding a new rule so that players from the same household won’t be able to sit at the same ring game table and tourney with less than a certain number of players.