How to handle lucky wins and unlucky losses

good runs, bad runs, coolers and bad beats are part of poker. it’s just variance. shake it off and continue to play well to win in the long run. Good luck!


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and, good luck to you also. I have added you to my friends list. Thanks for asking. Hope to see you at the tables soon.


I typically find that people usually gloat about poorly played hands (myself included, a bad habit)

No. I was 99 when I started on replay poker using an extraterrestrial ID name, and then they kept on adding years after I returned to planet Earth and changed my name.

If I gloated every time I saw a poorly played hand, I would have no time to play my cards.

Fast starters in tournaments often make a series of huge pre-flop raises and bluffs with inferior starting hands, and if they have a run of good luck they can build huge stacks. However as the blinds get higher, opponents figure out their style of play and start to chop them down to size. The best way to deal with them is to regard them as a convenient chip repository to be doubled up into when you have good hands.

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I find this to be true. GL at the tables.

If you feel the need to say anything, a simple nh, vnh if you lose, a gg if you or the opponent busts out. “Luck” happens on individual hands, but in the long term, good plays will be rewarded more often than not, and bad plays will lose. If someone sucks out on the river and gloats, you will probably get them next time. If you suck out on the river, take your chips, and be glad it wasn’t a more expensive lesson.

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Usually the ones that gloat, spew their chips later on, so don’t even respond.