Abnormally bad luck

Hello… I’ve played on this site for a number of years and have enjoyed playing here. I quit for a little while and just recently started playing again and bought a few chips to get started. Since starting with this new name, I have faced an obvious disadvantage in game play. I can go for hours without a winning hand. I cannot win showdowns as I have the losing hand 99% of the time. Even in ring tables with 3 other players I have gone hours without a winning hand.

That completely defies probability.

Its just simply impossible I can have this bad of luck. Its completely ruined my gameplay.

I enjoy playing here so I’m writing as to why this is happening. I suspect replay manipulates the play, but I know that’s a serious charge. It may be I’m just very unlucky, but my level of luck is so bad its unnatural and makes me suspicious especially after so long.

I’m not going to play here or buy anymore chips if this continues… why should I?

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