How to handle lucky wins and unlucky losses

Yesterday I was playing in a SnG.
One player lost a hand unlucky and complained about it ( #946548622). “that aint right”. Newsflash! This is poker. Still a game where luck is involved.
Later in the game I got AA. I lost it equally unlucky against him( #946554798). Silence from him.

I’ve been there also in my early days. Comlaining about unlucky lost hands. But sometime later I won a hand very lucky and it occured to me that I don’t have the right to complain about bad luck anymore. But somtimes I can’t help it.

On the other hand if my win was very lucky, I manage somtimes to write “lucky” or “sorry”.

We’ve been all on both ends. Made stupid decisions and got rewarded. Or had done everything right and lost unlucky.

My question is how do you handle unlucky hands or Bad Beats?
And what do you say if your win is just lucky?


You’re better off saying nothing. It’s not mandatory that you respond ( but it’s a nice gesture). Most times texting gets lost in translation. That is why almost every poker site doesn’t offer chat ( too many complaints, more man hours to control it and it gets people in trouble and banned from chat for saying things that aren’t politically correct in the heat of of the moment. The private message function is better because you can get long winded about good or bad play. If they are not a friend, make one.

Keep it simple and don’t take a non response as something negative.

Best of luck


I never say sorry because winning a hand - lucky or not - requires no apology. (Nor gloating, it should be noted.)

I never complain (at least not out loud) about bad luck/bad beats - that’s for the weak minded. I keep any whining and moaning to myself and move on.

And when someone does complain verbally toward me (can’t say it happens often, but it happens), I find it amusing. And informative.


Hope it is okay if I grrrrrrrrrrr once in awhile? lol


Ha! We could all probably benefit from a good “grrrrrrrrrrr” now and then!


Have another beer and move on to the next table. It’s soon forgotten.


It was more an observation that some players are more likely to complain.

Most times when I have bad luck I can move on. That is not a big problem for me. Sometimes I write also a “grrrrrr” or a “sigh”.

Good point about winning a hand requires no apology.


Yeah, something like a “grrrrr” or a “sigh” is cool. I was thinking more about the people you can run into that are downright rude when they lose. Who do they think they are, Phil Hellmuth??

If I say anything, and that’s truly rare, I try to be funny about it. I remember one time going all in with aces, get called by someone holding kings, and they hit quads on the flop. I typed “well… that was excessive.” Opponent got a good laugh out of that one!

Life is too short to get bent over play money!


One thing you should NOT do is send a “Helping Hand” endorsement. That’s taunting, it’s rude, it’s juvenile, and you shouldn’t do it. Personally I think Replay should get rid of that endorsement, but of course, when I suggested that, I got a completely irrelevant automated replay (as always).
Beats do even out, even in terrible streaks like the one I just got out of.
But if you’re like me and can’t resist berating others for clearly poor play - or can’t resist taunting people whom you’ve beaten after clearly deserving to lose, which I only do when opposing someone who likes to taunt without provocation - then I suggest turning your chat off altogether. If you know poker can bring out the worst in you, take steps to mitigate that fault.


When I get bad beats, I just bang my head against the wall until I am unconscious.

Last night I was playing in a 1 million chip tournament and we were on the bubble with 5 players left, and I had Jack Ten of spades. With a flush draw, I hit a king to Nine straight on the turn, my opponent put in an overbet with AA, to which I called, and then he hit the case Ace on the river, giving him quad aces, and I was out.

When you win with a fluke, sending a note of commiseration saying lol is always appreciated.


Are you really 102? That’s awesome! :smiley:

I don’t ever say sorry. We have all been on both sides of the bad beat or lucky draw. My most memorable: there is always someone wanting to chip up early. 1st hand, I have AA in the BB. #6 shoves, I call. (S)he shows j3 off-suit. I was not surprised to see a flop of jj3. LOL NH, bow out, go to another game. On a related note, I have noticed that those who play fast and loose to chip up early seldom cash. Patience is rewarded if you can last. I have seen many with 5% of their starting stack left win the SnG. GL e1

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The curse of pocket rockets. I’ve experienced it too many times.

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Throw em away and play the K’s


Same here .

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What’s up, Howie? It’s been a while. Have the poker gods been kind to ya? lol

Hey Rowdy. Doing well thanks. Good to see you around. How ya been?

unlucky, bad beatings…lucky…it happend to all of us…sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s you and sometimes the others…you have to deal with it…gl…

Ever heard the expression “No one likes a bad loser”? It should be followed with “… but they absolutely hate a poor winner.”


best reply , it´what I do ,

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