How can You tell

How can You tell if a player is slow becauce he is TRYING to play 2 tables or there is lag going on?

Replay has a play clock to limit the time a player has to play his hand. There are both regular and fast tables.

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May I answer your question with a question? Why would you want to know ? Please consider, as I do and play your own game. Some maybe playing mutable tables and that alone may give you the advantage:)

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I think you should give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who is slow to play his or her turn. Possibly lag…possibly two (or more) tables in play…possibly purposely running down the clock. But no way to know for sure. As the saying goes, Every mind a planet!


on the profile page click “last activity” there you can see which table’s a player is active

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Maybe it’s neither doubleheaders nor lags. Taking notes slows me down sometimes, but those notes have paid off so many times! So maybe your delays are caused by students of the game.

Or dial-up connections.

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This is true. Not everyone has fast fiber optic cable. A poor wifi connection will act the same way especially if a few people are accessing it in the home at the same time.

I think if you go to the player’s profile page it will indicate the player Last Seen: Playing now.

Click on this and it will show which games the individual is currently playing.