How can i report any thing?

as i am muted and chat banned and cant even send mods gusetbook,so when or if i get abuse from another player i cant report this or get anything done about it so what else or other way can i report anyof this ,i have asked to be unmuted and said i have changed and read all rules so i know what i can and can not do i just ask for one more chance 2 prove that i can do this many regards ballack,and this is a big ask with a big pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You can always email to report any thing.

that takes to long and i think i should be able to report to mods like all other players there should be a way i can send mail to mods it takes to long to email,

We only mute players permanently as a last resort, and as a final step before a permanent ban. If you’re in this state, then you must have repeatedly broken the site rules. The mod team read the support site, so I’m sure they will take your appeal into consideration but unfortunately I can’t guarantee they will respond favourably to it. We always try and be fair to everyone, but sometimes players are their own worst enemies!

ok thats fair i came back here to play fair and not to abuse anyone i did that stuck to all ur rules for two weeks then i came on to find my self muted and cant even send a guestbook i have played here past 7 or 8 yrs i seen ppl worse then me and nothing happens to them i asked for one last chance to prove that i am different to what i was before so i asku please to consider me please paul kind regards ballack