"Hat Trick" Challenge

Challenge: Win 3 MTTs in a single day, in three different games, like this…

PLO: https://www.replaypoker.com/tournaments/3022314

NLHE: https://www.replaypoker.com/tournaments/3017693

Omaha H/L: https://www.replaypoker.com/tournaments/3018803


Sunny, if I win one a month I celebrate! In the unlikely event I won three MTTs in a day, I would probably run naked round the neighbourhood singing an entire Gilbert & Sullivan operetta!


haha nice,
gratz on ur challenge :+1:

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Now, THAT I’d pay genuine Yankee dollars to see. And make it The Mikado. I have a little list, too.
On second thought, even though you’re the wrong voice type, sing “My Object All Sublime” (I will achieve in time, to make the punishment fit the crime, the punishment fit the crime.)


Was thinking “A policeman’s lot is not a happy one” for obvious reasons :heart_eyes_cat:

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LOL, agreed.

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I won back to back NLHE MTTs once. That was an incredible day.

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I’ll put the Camera on standby and be ready to post the results on the net :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats a neat trick there SPG…

(RPOS sattalites)
Try freerolling to earn a 2.5k ticket…
2.5K Tournament Ticket, 27th place in mtt 3019246 – RPOS VII 150K Free Satellite - Sep 09 2019, 7:45am

Then use that to earn a 20k ticket…
2.5K Tournament Ticket Registered to mtt: 2992050
20K Tournament Ticket, 9th place in mtt 2992050 – RPOSVII Satellite to 20K - Sep 11 2019, 2:45am

Now use that ticket to win a 100/250k ticket…
20K Tournament Ticket Registered to mtt: 3024286
100K Tournament Ticket, 3rd place in mtt 3024286 – RPOS VII Satellite to 100K - Sep 11 2019,10:30pm




Winmning back to back MTTs is OK, but not that hard. I have done it several times. The ticket thing is nice, but it’s kind of like buying a bus transfer. I sometimes wave to people on buses when I’m driving one of my sports cars, just to let them know that I have nothing against them for being poor.

If we are being honest, we would admit that winning 3 MTTs in a day, in three different games, is pretty impressive. I’m being modest, of course, it’s actually amazingly impressive. It even impressed me, and I’m not easily impressed.

I have decided to write a little guide on how you can duplicate my feat…

Step 1: Get good or be good at all forms of poker except Royal, which is non-poker.

Step 2: Enter at least three different MTTs, each one a different form of poker.

Step 3: Win 3 of them in a single day

Even with this comprehensive guide, I doubt anybody will pull it off, but it’s a goal you should strive for. If you do somehow manage it, post links to the tournament lobbies here so we can all be awed and amazed by your pokering prowess.

I wasn’t minimizing your feat, very imprressive… its doable yet difficult.
Not like I was advertizing the sattalites, which was bonus… but

A tier’d sattalite structure is fun to play into, if implemented correctly… So I was have’n fun try’n to do it the hard way…

I will try your challange, and to me its about getting a good start and then close’n the deal. I fear it might cost me a pretty penny though… :sunglasses:

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i won 1st place for 270 games for 3 months of medium sit n goes ( 90 games each month ) in sit n goes for a hat trick, 1st place for 3 months in a row 3 peet on 90 games played each month. during those 3 months i also won 1st and best 20 both in 20 games or less…the month before and after my 3 peet of 1st place for sit n goes i got 2nd… so top 2 for the month 5 months in a row on monthly 90 games leader board, thats 450 games in a row with placing top 2… beat that SPG :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s LB domination, to be sure. Good work!

I can’t focus on one board these days, so I doubt I will ever pull that off. I did focus on SnGs last March, and took the Sng Medium and the last 3 Best 20s in a row. I think the first week I was 2nd in the best 20. Top 5 in all 4 First 20s, if I remember right.

I might have won 3 Medium MTT LBs in a row, but I would have to go back and look to be sure.

These days, I play whatever comes by, so I don’t think I’ll have enough games in any one LB to make a run at your challenge. Very impressive though!

thx spg, and great job for u2 on the hat trick! i have done that also but the number of entrants on any omaha is much lower than most holdem MTT so i think 3 high stake MTTs, lets say gemstone 250ks in one day would be even more impressive ( better competition in general and probably more total entrants than the 3 combo MTTs because of lower turnouts for any omaha tourneys. what stakes were all 3 of those spg? and how many entrants in each one? what was your total payouts? those variables also matter in the level of difficulty for the hat trick. if u know how to play and play all 3 types of games ( which i do too, i just like/prefer reg. omaha over hi/low tho ) then 3 MTT wins in one day are all the same whether its 3 holdems or a combo, at least as far as i am concerned. this is the 1st month i am playing the leader board on sit n gos since i did that over a year ago, and right now i have the highest average again on the high sit n go board this month after playing 39/60 of my games, so hopefully i can pull top 2 for 6 months extending my 5 month streak from over a year ago, if i take top 2 on board this month which i think im more than on target for. once again great job on that spg.

PLo = 27 entries
NLHE = 96 entries
O h/l = 54 entries

I don’t remember the buyins, but all low or medium. I don’t remember the payouts either. I find that the medium buyins are bigger fields than the higher ones, and better players than the lower ones, so that’s what i usually play. These days, I play whatever I can get into right away, unless it’s Royal.

I have won 3 NLHE MTTs in a day, and have gone 3 of 5 before, but this was the first time I did it in 3 different games. I don’t usually post anything I do that’s good, but decided to make an exception in this case because I thought it would be a fun challenge for others to try.

Yes, there can be more impressive feats. No, I’m nowhere near the best player on the site. Replay is like Minecraft, you have to make your own adventures. This was mine. :slight_smile:


OK SPG, it is 10:17 pm and past my bedtime, so I am giving up on your challenge. However, I just took first place in “American Dream” , and took first place in “Hold-em Booster” at 5:45 tonight. So if I could stay awake, Maybe, just maybe…………………….

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Oh, and by the way they were the only tourneys I played except for the freeroll, where I won two 2,5K tickets, that’s why I played the Booster at all.

That’s fantastic, well done!

Just for the record, they have to be in 3 different games, not all holdem.

Still, winning back to back MTTs is great!

well spg what do u consider are the factors of being the best player on replay? i think its a player that can consistently dominate all different leader boards at all different game types on MTT and Sit n gos too, also they must dominate the ring tables too, or at least be very profitable at all game types including MTT,sit n goes and rings but not all stake levels…preferably all on high stakes tho.they dont have to dominate all of them in one month tho ( as not many have the time or energy to play that many games ) but have a proven track record of being able to do any one of the types in any given month. i know Cat thinks hes the best here just because the chips, but doesnt make u the overall best rounded player here by any means…especially when your only competition is heads up rings or maybe 3 or 4 handed rings on a 6 seat table…and then not knowing how to compete in MTT, sit n gos,omaha MTT, omaha rings, omaha sit n gos…i would maybe even include royal lol. but playing just 2 or 3 handed rings is no where close to the best player here if u cant dominate all the other types of games and tourneys along with rings at full 9 seat tables and tourneys that have a fair amount of entrants. playing heads up or 3 handed elite rings just wont cut it for best player here.