Winning multiple tournaments

Hi Poker players. Today i played two tournaments at once. They were free to enter. One was a classic texas holdem, while the other was a 7 card stud, which i am quite new to. There were 24 and 135 entrees in the tournaments respectively. Now this might seem as a bit of a brag but in about 2 hours i had won them both. Im simply wondering if anyone else has ever done anything like that.
If you have id love to hear about it.
Picture of the wins side by side. pokerpro? - Album on Imgur


I’ve won 3 MTTs in 24 hours a couple of times, and once won 3 in 24 hours in three different games. (NLHE, PLO, O H/L) As detailed here… Hat Trick Challenge

Congrats on your wins, it’s not an easy thing to do!


To win different types of games, I think is a great accomplishment, IMO.

I usually play MTT tourneys and I know winning one is difficult. I haven’t been able to win two in a row and consider it very difficult, especially while playing two at the same time.

But, isn’t there a lot of distracting clicking noises when you play more than one at a time?

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Congrats :+1:t2:

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