"Hat Trick" Challenge

I don’t think there can be a single “best” player. It’s hard to identify all of the traits that would make one the best, let alone quantify them all. If luck is a factor, at least in short term success, how would one go about removing its effects in order to get down to the underlying skill? And, if one can’t remove luck, how could one determine who is the best?

Is someone who wins at higher stakes MTTs “better” than someone who can navigate the chaos of lower buyin games? It’s hard to say. If different skill sets are involved, which skill set is “better?”

The way leaderboards are set up, some can be won just by playing more than everyone else. Does this mean you are better?

I do think that it’s harder to be a well rounded player who can play various stakes and game types. To me, this is more of a challenge, but does it make me better? I don’t think it does.

I don’t think the question can be answered.


no it cant, but usually if u have never bought chips than u have gone thru the medium and low chaos to get there, is what i meant… as far as luck goes, thats only intermittent short term success, skill entails long term success, and no one with just luck will survive long.i am talking about high only assuming u have already leaped the hurdles of low and medium stakes/chaos and were successful getting past that… as far as best/of i dont even consider those leader boards to mean any value to them as whoever has the most time to play the most games can win, regardless of skill. as far as leader boards go, the only true measure here is monthly sit n gos which force u to play a lot of games for the month and players playing more can go up or down in points depending on how they play after 60,90,120 games for all 3 stakes. … best of doesnt show skill like the latter because the worst u can do is better, there is no downside loss or risk by playing more games, only upside gain is possible…or no gain

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I agree with all that.

To me, “who is the best” is impossible to answer, thus meaningless.

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ya theres too many variables spg but i would rather be very good at all types than just good at one… who is good at being a well rounded poker player shows more if u can play all those well. i have heard people here a few times saying to just look at their chip count and when they started here and that gives u a good idea…no it actually doesnt, i know so many people that have taken weeks off , months off, even years off then come play off and on or maybe come play full time again after taking time off, and these people have been here for 5 or 10 years so its impossible to know how much and when they played and how frequently. i actually think its the opposite when i see someone that has been here less then a few months or even 1 month and they have 50,60,100 million chips, it tells me they most likely bought several million chips to get started and bypassed the low and medium stakes/chaos period of playing. anyone that has just had 2500 freebies to start knows that cant be done in less than a month on low or medium unless u win every hand u played lol…so u cant judge someones time on replay and chip count to determine skill level for those reasons alone. also there are many players that made a lot of chips but choose to stay at low or medium and didnt climb the chip ranks in high rings because maybe they had good friends on low that made them stay, but they were still profitable, just at lower levels. but they are actually great players that never went to high stakes to be more profitable. there are also players that dominated for years, went to elite and took some bad beats one day or a few days and lost all, then had to start over again or even a few times at 2500 again…that happened to me a few times…so the players saying to look at chip count and years here are wrong and the player having 80 million in 2 weeks is what should be looked at more., anyway sorry to go off topic a bit but u poked my interest in sharing that::slight_smile: also i think the one who gets a hat trick in omaha hi/low ,holdem,and pot limit omaha like u spg, should be the best player :slight_smile: but u have to do that every day for a week straight, forgot to mention that :slight_smile: Great thread tho SPG !

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It only takes 8 doubles to turn 2500 into 640,000.
Thats more than need’d , to play Indy Speedway…

An above average player should be able to sit at any lower stakes table (ring) and dbbl thier stack. As soon as you do this you move tables, to bank the profit. As applicable you move up tables…

Once you have a few million , I can’t see why a great player couldn’t make 50 million in 2 weeks while playing on Hagia Sophia.

I agree Florida, I’d rather be a well rounded player too. I think that type of player holds more clout than one who doesn’t. In order to determine “best” player, access to complete data is required… then, agreed upon metrics applied… thus ranking players accordingly. I think thats where the problem lies. No 2 ppl will agree on the same metrics, so it reverts to just being subjective.



mostly agree with u sass, however my main point on the last one was about the players that say u can just look at how long a players account has been open and look at their chips/bank and determine their skill level. thats absolutely incorrect as there are way too many variables to consider ( as i gave examples for ) when looking at that and would be impossible to use those as a reference to skill level. maybe if u knew how many hands they played here and comparing that number to their chips/bank would be as close as u would get as far as that is concerned, still cant base it on that alone but it is something to go on and better than nothing…cheers

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i guess the only thing i might add is that some players just play rings, some just play MTTs and some play a combo of all game types ( like me and u spg ) … after playing all of them for a fairly long time i will say that a very good ring player will make way more chips than the very great tourney player ( that includes sit n goes too ) considering they both played the same number of hands or hours…maybe even 10 fold the amount… so who is the better player, the good ring player or the very great tourney player, even tho the good ring player is making 10 times the profit as the very great tourney player? its also almost impossible to compare or say whos better…just another scenario to ponder :slight_smile:


I agree there is no one single metric that gives a realistic idea who is or isn’t a good.or great player, though even one metric is better than none at all. I think it would be a daunting task to even find a pair or triplet of metrics that would be definitive. We really have to sit and play against that opponent MANY times before we have a solid understanding of that opponent, and then, even with notes,the rascal can change their game strategy. That’s why we call it “gambling.”

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hey Sun i won two back to back MMTS and two back to back SNGS …two things happened…one i got very lucky and second i waited for the bingo players to kill each other…then trap the last bingo player…lmao!!!


Here ya go Sassy:
win a 2.5k ticket 16th place in mtt 3031729 – RPOS VII 150K Free Satellite - Sep 16 2019, 7:45am
turn that into 2 20k tickets 1st place in mtt 3028483 – RPOS VII Satellite to 20K - Sep 16 2019,10:45am
turn that into a 250k ticket 1st place in mtt 3029215 – RPOS VII Satellite to 250K - Sep 16 2019, 5:45pm
turn that into 1,140,000 play chips Prize from mtt: 3041229 – Over the Rainbow - Sep 23 2019, 9:00am

I was going to hold onto the 250k ticket for next round, but decided to use it for the gemstone entry after foolishly losing most of my bank while in tilt mode. You will notice that all of the RPOS satellites were all played on the same day.

Oh, and awesome job on the hat trick SPG!!



Is this to prove a player is any good lol … Well try this one on for size … There have been 2 Big multi tourneys put on by Replay Poker Promotions this year … The Winter Games Closing Ceremony and the RSOP VII League of Legends … BOTH were WON by Goatsoup a low “ranked” 3 legged donk according to the think they are real good players on here … Have a nice day


Goat, congrats on the RPOS VII win, could not catch you. And wining 10% (3) of the games, impressive, well done. Just take it easy on the old man during the Tourney of Champions…eh

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Goat, I have NEVER claimed to be one of the better players on this or any other site. I was responding to Sassys post regarding the tiered satellite structure of the RPOS and being able to capitalize on it. I have played against you many times, and I have no problem saying that you are a good player. While someone’s rank on here gives an indication of their ability, it can easily be taken for more than it’s worth. Purchased chips artificially inflate some players position, while a stretch of bad luck (or playing in tilt mode) will deflate their ranking.

SunPowerGuru started this thread to challenge the masses to duplicate a difficult achievement, not to boast on his ability or superiority as a player. I’m sure he would freely admit that a feat like his took some luck in addition to skill. I concur with HeyPatrick in saying congrats to you on the RPOS wins, and wish you the best in the Tournament of Champions.

Since I did not qualify and you did multiple times, I guess that makes you better much better than me. Enjoy!!

Well yeah. Winning any tournament probably means you got lucky at some point. I don’t think I’m the best tournament player on Replay, regardless of what my vast throngs of adoring fans might tell you. I’m just an ordinary fella who likes pokering.

And congrats Goat, nice bit of work!


Seriously SPG, which fans are adoring your thongs?:astonished:

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Pretty much all of them!

[ rolls eyes ]

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Sassy, I’d cover mine, LOL.

Ummm, that was Sharon, not Sassy. It’s easier to tell them apart when at a table because Sharon calls me “sugar buns” or “studmuffin” while Sassy thinks those nicknames but never types them into chat, probably because she is so excited to see me that she can’t type.

Hmm, I was just watching “Lucifer” on Ntflx. SPG, I are you sure this is your real name?

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