Guess the time of billionth hand contest?

Is there going to be a “Guess the time of billionth hand” contest, like we had for 500 millionth hand. It probably will reach in a months time.


May 3, 2023 at 13:13 ET i.e., 050320231313 +/-.

Mother’s Day May 14th 2023 12:34 pm EST

June 6, 2023 12:01 AM EST

5/10/23 @ 5:10 PM EST

Sorry. This is not the contest. This is the query to Replay whether there is going to be such a contest.

I will close this thread and pass your request on to the appropriate staff narench. Thank you for raising this.

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I’m cheating by posting in a locked thread. :slight_smile: Just to confirm –

Yes, we have plans for this contest! It’ll go up at the start of May, and will only be open for about a week, so get ready to get your guesses in. It will be just one part of a BIG promotion. More details coming soon! :eyes: