CONTEST - Guess the time of the 500 Millionth hand!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Check back to find out who wins!

We’re getting awfully close to hand 500 Million, and we have a very special promotion to go along with it! That said, we got a fantastic suggestion from @Sassy_Sarah for a contest: Guess the time that you think this milestone will happen. We’re giving 500,000 chips to the winner!



  1. The deadline for making your guess is 10am ET on Wednesday, May 29th.
  2. Include the day and time, to the minute. Guesses will be counted as US Eastern Time.
  3. The first player who guesses closest to the minute will be the winner (under or over).
  4. You may make multiple guesses, but only your most recent post will count!

What happens if the hand occurs while this contest is still going? Well, I suppose the first person to post the time will get to snag the prize! :wink:

Good luck and happy guessing! Thanks to all of you for helping us reach this milestone.

5-29-19 - 2:22 AM

May 30th, 4:44 pm

May 27th 11.10pm

May 28 8:22 pm ET

27 May, 11:11 pm

Should’ve mentioned that guesses will be counted as US Eastern Time (EDT). I’ve updated the original post to reflect this.

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May 27th 11:25 am

May 28th 6:25 pm

Since only last guess counts, I may adjust my math soon…
Monday the 3rd of June 9:11 pm west coast time = 6:11pm East coast
Can I donate the chips to someone when I win?

6-2-2019 at 7:30 pm…

26 May, at 6:01 AM

Seems all the dates are before the 31st, and my guess will be aswell, any chance of moving up the deadline , or it will be who posts 1st , and with post pending that leaves me out … kinda… the point of the suggestion, was to have fun trying to predict the future, not the present.

May 30 … 3:21 AM …

May 29, 1:50 PM EDT

This is not fair, if the hand is likely to occur before May 31st. Then it will become "“hit the button” contest than being a good guess.

May 29th 420p mst… so 6:20 est
( ohh and it will occurr on a low stakes ring table )

just a wild guess :slight_smile:

2 june 18:46

June 3rd, 9 am :slight_smile:

May 27th, 11:02 AM