Chip Shortage (total at end of day)

Hello, I noticed a shortage in my winnings again today. I left a game with winnings over 1400 chips, and on my totals it showed me 300 short of what I should of had at the top of the page. Yesterday I was short 500 chips on my grand total at the top of the page. It was the same when I started today to play. I know you give us a lot of chips to play, and I thank you for that. I would like to know what’s going on is all.

THANK YOU, hotcowboy

Hi hotcowboy,

I looked up your account history for this day and I’ve included it below.

If you think something looks off there, please let us know. We did recently have some issues with certain things not updating in real time on the site, so it could be that there was just a small delay with your chip totals at the top of the page. We’ve since gotten a handle on what was causing the delays, so you hopefully shouldn’t see that anymore.

Cheers, Lesley