Add a Clock To This Fantastic Site Please

I and a few others from the United States have talked about the difference in Time Zones between the time of your Tournaments and the Time that it is Here in the USA.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to put up a ‘Site Clock’ that had the time for the Tournament,and Then maybe also Show Eastern Standard Time? Most of us are affiliated with working with that time zone. Once again I am a Member of the Ultimate_Poker League and our Tournaments run on the Eastern Time Zone. We have had a bit of confusion as to the timing of just the regular tournaments that are ran Such as the Royal 800 , I don’t remember the time that is posted in the lobby…the the time for me to play is at 8pm. I am in the Mountain Standard Time Zone Though.

To Save Confusion, I would think that a Site Clock with Your Time on it…and a Eastern Standard Time Zone Would Be a Wonderful Addition To This Fantastic Site!!!

Thank You For Your Time in Considering

This Idea, Ronda.

I like it alot… Not evryone is at evening starter 2000 when its 12pm here est. Thats lunchtime… It would be alot more simpler

I like this Idea Ronda

How about if we added a feature where you set your timezone and all the times on the site are updated based on that. I think that would be the best solution! We could even automatically guess it based on your IP address. If you like this idea, remember to vote it up!

That Sounds Great To Me Paul!!! I am so Computer Illiterate that it scares me that it does what I tell it to sometimes. So you “Techy” guys are my Heros!!

I think you’ll like the changes we’ve announced today on the homepage. We’re also adding a clock next week! :slight_smile:

I’m on board, Paul. I have tried to figure this out then Daylight saving time hits. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I forgot to update this a while ago!