Time zone conflict?

In which time zone does this site operate? When looking for a 3:00 pm daily million tournament, I don’t find it and I wonder if daylight savings time is a consideration?

Hi 1949_Boomer,

Yes, Daylight Savings Time was a consideration when the clocks changed. I’m unable to reproduce any issues with the times for tournaments and I show the Daily Million Satellite listed for 3:15pm today, so I’m curious if perhaps refreshing the lobby screen or clearing your cache & restarting your browser helps fixes things at all? If not, please let us know and we’ll investigate this further.

Thanks Lesley. I just played the daily million and it started at 8:30 EDT. In the promotions listing it is scheduled for 15:00 and 21:00. I just forgot to back things up an hour for EDT. Thanks again.

Just to add, our tournament lobby is in ET (so that’s either EDT or EST). So obviously if you’re outside this timezone, then daylight savings in this timezone will have an effect on when the tournaments are run.

It would so much simpler to just tell us what time zone Replay is on, no?

Google is your best friend :wink: