TimeZones, TheLobby, displayed info

as of 3am (mst, usa) … these are my last 4 MTTs

Aug 31, 11:30pm - Sep 1, 12:51am Red Lantern
Aug 31, 11:45pm - Sep 1, 12:52am Omaha Split
Aug 31, 11:15pm - Aug 31, 11:36pm Bankroll Builder
Aug 31, 10:30pm - Aug 31, 11:47pm Monster Jam

In my timezone I have NOT played any MTTs after midnight. I don’t remember setting (mst) up in settings when I signed up… The displayed times are correct with my clocks…My intent was to play every 5k and less MTT, up till 11:59… but not play any starting in Sept. According to the “Monthly MTT- Low leaderboard” it says… "any MTT starting before 11:59p on the 31st, will count toword this leaderboard… I also wanted to try something in September, but it only works if I start out @ 0 MTTs entered, and because of this recent anomoly I already have 6 tourns in Sept…not what I wanted.

Can I please get a full explanation on why this happened, and how to stop it from happening in the future.

to staff, think I know what happened now… ohh well…