Freeroll Schedule?

What’s going on this week? The 12:45 tourney is normal but the 1:45 tourney seems to be gone or a change of time was changed. Wish we would get notice of things like this.

Hi @Howie_Long, which freeroll do you mean? 100K Daily Freerolls run at 01:45 and 13:45.

As far as I can tell, all our freerolls have run so far this week.


The 2:45 PM EST has been switched to 2:15 this week, why?

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Just checked, looks like it’s back to normal time. Thank you!

Thats the one. Thanks to @lildevil109 for helping me out.

It must have suffered some Jet Lag with being switched up to 200K so often recently for various promotions. :roll_eyes:


Yes. That is the one I was referring to.