Gone fishing

‘Good catch’ … often seen posted by patronising losers. Folk who are presumably sent into a fit of pique by an opponent making his hand.
Players who ‘fish’ for cards are invariably put down as somehow lucky and therefore should be viewed with disdain .
Surely the only difference is that the ‘expert’ has made his hand at an earlier stage of the proceedings, they are no more skillful than someone making his hand with further cards and the mathematical dictations of what makes a good poker hand are exactly the same.
Indeed pot odds are CALCULATED by the odds involved in the possible outcome future cards will bring.

[quote=“zenbuddhist, post:1, topic:6390”]
Players who ‘fish’ for cards are invariably put down as somehow lucky and therefore should be viewed with disdain .
[/quote]Ever heard of " being priced in " ??? :sunglasses:

Yes I have, why the tone? People like you really annoy me with your fake avatars

it sounds that you are the rude one out here, not sarah. she is trying to help you if you didn’t notice.

but on topic: i don’t think there is anything bad or rude about the “good catch” phrase, there are also players reacing like ■■■■ you, or telling what a moron he is. of course there are only a few doing this, but good catch is fitting if you chase a draw with wrong odds, it isn’t rude but it is honest at the same time.

as for the calculation, it isn’t only pot odds to consider it’s also implied odds. sometimes it may look bad to chase a draw but can actually be quite profitable. but yes there are also people who draw wrongly and hit anyway, so the have a “good catch” :slight_smile:.


Since we are sharing, how do you feel about broccoli?

what is considered fishing…say u flop an open ended straight draw and hit on the river but only call till u hit?. or is it if bet aggresively all the way thru and hit on the river? or both?

quoting someone out of context isn’t helping

Hi zenbuddhist. I use the phrase " Good Catch " in a positive way. You can plainly see the river card that won the player the hand so " Good for them " a good catch is a good catch… :slight_smile:


ok Zen… since it was your punctuation error that caused me to reply as I did, did I really deserve the “why the tone” crack… ??? let me re-write it for ya …

Players who “fish” for cards, are invariably put down as … somehow lucky and therefore should be viewed with distain.

Otherwise the casual reader might just think “therefore should be viewed with distain” was your opinion…but your right, you got “sassyness”, often confused with sarcasm, since sometimes it is… or just put the whole part " somehow lucky and therefore should be viewed with distain " between commas, and then add something @ the end …

you’re right

Well, I read it wrong… oops.
you did say “Why ?”, so thats easy…

Unlike myself, that… if I do use sarcasm, its usually not just gc.(I do for time sake do it too sometimes.) If ya think about it, any “catch” means the person leading, didn’t win the hand prolly and is a bit erk’d. Of all the standard gh, gc, wp, nh, ect ect ect… I would expect that one “gc” to be used in a somewhat less than congrats status, more often than the rest of them… or in a jab by thier opponents, that are give’n them the buisness… either way, not exactly positive.

@least its not a personal insult, so no harm no foul.

I have lost to some who call large bets needing both the turn and river. And get them. OH well,

Ain’t that the truth brother lol :wink:

I have used all of the congrats, for people that have good hands, have played well and have caught their wining hand on the river. I truly mean what I say, without a bit of animosity. I just cannot believe that a topic of giving players some encouragement, and a bit of recognition, is even debated.
I wish you all the very best of luck, and play well !!!
Wivy !!!

when i saw the topic title “Gone Fishing” , i thought it was gonna be about the weather breaking and heading outdoors :grin: the way i see it ? we have a total of 7 cards to make a hand… if it takes all 7 to make a winning hand ? so be it :slight_smile: you can calculate odds til the cows come home but , in the end , the game ain’t over til the last card is flipped :relaxed: there is this concept called luck that is part of the poker equation… without it , playing poker would not be called gambling :wink: good luck to all - play well and have some FUN :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going fishing this weekend, hoping to score.

Calculating the odds IS calculating the luck factor, that’s the whole point of it. For example, when we say we have a 1 in 5 chance of making that flush, we are really saying we will get lucky 20% of the time

They say, “poker is a game of short term luck and long term skill,” but what does this actually mean?

We can illustrate this with 2 simplified examples…

Let’s say you are chasing that flush, and it will cost you 1,000 to win a pot of 10,000… For every 5 times that situation comes up, you will not make the flush (be unlucky) 4 times, losing 4,000 total. You will also make the flush 1 time, (get lucky), and win 10,000. You will, on average, be ahead 6,000, and this includes the “luck” factor.

On the other hand, if you have to put in 5,000 to win that 10,000 pot, you will not make it 4 times, losing 20,000 total. You will make your flush 1 time, winning 10,000. This puts you 10,000 in the hole for every 5 times you face that situation.

Skilled players calculate the odds to know whether they are in a winning situation or a losing situation. When they do this, they are actually calculating the luck factor. In effect, they are asking, “will I get lucky often enough to make this profitable in the long run?”