Something fishy going on

Ok - when I have a hand like this I think there is definitely something odd going on . I cant see any reason for him to call and then raise and then call my all in . Maybe he knew what the river card would be…

I’m guessing he did all that for the same reason he’s been playing here 5 years and has 35,000 chips in the bank.


That was wild but happens a lot with free sites, not that replay is bad, it’s just loose players.


U checked turn … he bluffed and got lucky … honestly ur bad play sry just the truth :wink:


It’s free poker - you’ve got people that go all-in holding trash because they just don’t care and hey - they remember that time last month when they went all in with 72o and the flop was 772, so what the heck - if it worked once… (sound of chips being shoved). And at a nine seat table, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got two or three players that are just like that.

Crap (commentary cleaned up for the kids) happens.

And as for this: “I cant see any reason for him to call and then raise and then call my all in.” I can see it.

He just didn’t care one bit if he won or lost.

I’ve been at Replay for a long time now, and my plan is to keep coming here most days, and playing cheapo tourneys because there is no incentive for me to what to do anything other than that… At my age I regard what I do here as one of my "brain exercises’ in my ‘old age’ which I’m working to hang onto best I can as long as The Missus is still here… So poker HERE is more or less, just another crossword puzzle or sudoku game I play to keep the brain working so I can find my way to the supermarket and back again… Period… This ain’t real poker so who cares???


I think there is definitely something odd going on. Why would Replay follow you around on its site using time and manpower to find ways to get you? You must have done something really bad ( in their eyes) to warrant all that attention. Did you win a billion chips and start giving them away so Replay couldn’t sell them? That would piss them off for sure. There has to be a reason. Only you would know, come on, what really happened?

Absolutely horrible play .That hand was why some players get muted, You fold after the flop if you have a lick of sense

“Fishy” might be the perfect word to describe it.

Your opponent’s thought process probably went something like, “I could make a straight! Straights are good! I call!”

Don’t over-complicate things by looking for some sort of conspiracy.

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After a heavy bet pre-flop I mostly expected to be against some premium hands. So when the flop misses so hard and I have two overs and the strong flush draw. I make a strong bet. When four to the flush comes out the all-in may have been reckless but only two cards beat me. But the then the river plus hands calling blew my mind. Fishy?

Fish-like maybe, but not fishy as in something is afoot. If he can see the cards to come, he would have a lot more chips than he does.

I’m not bashing him or anyone, but if he had some secret edge, wouldn’t he have more than 25k in the bank after 5 months? The daily bonus alone would be about 375,000 in that amount of time.

People make horrible plays and get lucky sometimes… such is poker.

I think this whole thread belongs in the fairness debate.



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Happens all the time. Don’t let it frustrate you. Keep playing good poker and you will get it back w/interest. I agree that you should have bet more on the flop and turn. A similar thing happened to me (and I am sure others at time). First hand, there is always someone wnting to chip up quickly. I had pocket rockets on the button; FTA shoves, I call. FTA shows j2o. I guessed the flop and was correct: jj2. I had to just laugh, congratulate the winner, and go to another tournament.

Just try to remember that this is free poker, and a lot of players just don’t care. Some of them have fun playing every hand just to see what happens and others play because they enjoy making other people mad. This is fun for them, making other people mad. In a real money game, you would take every cent they own and then sympathize verbally when they bust out and are forced to leave while mentally laughing your ass off on the inside. Play your own solid game. When you find yourself at a table with weird players, just cash out and go to another table. This is your down time, enjoy yourself, don’t let them take that away from you. If your knowledge of the game is solid, it will show, and your chip balance will grow with your down time enjoyment. By the way, the best players in the world have bad luck days and nothing can change that. Some days, when you see this is one of those days, just cash out and go read a book. Your object is to enjoy yourself, so relax and have a wonderful day.


Hello all. By the time I became a teenager I had been playing poker for almost 7 years. In college I started “Deuces Wild” with a simple $25 buy-in. Do the math: $25 x 50 x 4 = x/month; and I did it for years. I say this not to brag, but that “I know.”
While I was personally seated I witnessed (3) people hit an inside straight within (8) hands; I hit (2) of them! Of the the 10’s of thouand’s of hands I’ve seen, and played, I have seen a Royal Flush, natural, once. The odds of that are what, about 2.5M. What I want to know is what are the odds of the (3) inside straights I witnessed? Now, when you have That answer, then answer: Why? In the few years I have played here, I have hit more inside straights than the other (40) years of gambling combined? WHY?AKnox

The chances of getting a royal flush in Hold 'Em are 1 in 30,940 hands.

I f you flop an inside straight draw, you should fill it by the river about 17% of the time.

I’m guessing you play more inside draws on a free chip site than you do for real money.

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I dumped on you by answering your question?

And now you respond by calling me names?


Feel free to talk to me again once you grow up.


Both of these links are pretty good on hand probabilities

I agree with you Goatsoup. I would also add that you made a weak bet on the flop and then checked. Both of these things combined shows weakness in your hand. So, then he makes a huge bet as a gut shot bluff and you follow up by going all in. At this point he is pot committed and makes the hero call due to the river and gets paid.

Slow playing to trap somebody when you are showing yourself as a weak hand is going to get paid more than not, but you are going to get caught sometimes with those pesky turn and river cards.