The river giveth

the river takes it away

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The hand I exited on in that game was way worse.

I’m not so sure. the river that gave him trip 2, could just have easily been a 5, or nothing, and you and i are heads up. in my case, i put myself in a spot where if neither of us hit, i lose, and if both of us hit, i lose. i would probably still call, tho. as much as i try to learn the math, and keep a grip on it, i’m still a gambler, and i just felt good about the KT. but still, just luck of the draw. i got lucky, he got more lucky. (luckier?)
i can’t get mad when peeps get lucky. some times i have streaks in which i get really disgusting. i feel like apologizing to the table, it gets so bad. i’m not playing every single hand because i don’t know better, it’s because every hand is in my tightest range. every pocket pair flops a set, flush draws hit, kickers are just high enough, every trap set, entered, and sprung, as the chips come rolling in.
really, not fit to be around people. after awhile no one likes you.
don’t happen often, but nice when it does.
however, next time i shove with kings, and get joined by 24o, who flops a boat, all bets are off.

I’ve been having just a terrible time with every conceivable unlikely way to lose a hand that there is, lately. It’s not good for my mental health. I need to take a break from this game for a while. Every time I have spent a long time carefully building up a stack to get me deep into a game, I end up ruining it with one stupid hand that goes bad, right when I decide to commit a lot of chips and put that big stack to use.

know the feeling. i have 7 25K SnG so far this week. 2 wins, runner up, something else, and 7, 8, 9 (1 hand), half the time, i’m feel like i’m getting better, half the time, just another fish that can’t see a higher straight coming down the pike, or something else that that is second nature to the experienced players.

Sounds like poker to me.

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If you’re feeling bad about playing, I strongly suggest that you do take that break. I’ve been there, and it’s really ugly when you’re so burned out that all you can see are these horrible losses that you come across, instead of the fun part of the game.