Getting angry

the disconnects and connects are getting worse and as many complaints ive seen about it i have yet to see any denials on ur part or we trying to fix it there has been no resonse which tells me u know whats up aand im sure thats a reason u have lost some good players so please let us know whats up thankyou retired gimp

Hi retiredgimp,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble staying connected. We’re not aware of any issues with this on our side, but there are a lot of factors that are unique to every individual’s computer setup that can issues. The only way to track down the source of the problem is to troubleshoot different things and narrow down what it might be.

For starters, you can try all the things listed here:

If you still have the same problem, please email with the details listed at the bottom of that page and we’ll be happy to investigate further.

Cheers, Lesley

Wireless can be a problem, get wired net. Update adobe fleasplayer.

(RP plan on HTML5, will be better!)


I think that is true. Played some on laptop with a hotel wireless in the Philippine provinces. Kept getting dumped at the river with big winning bets on the table.

Also keep in mind that the sunspot activity has been, forgive the pun, really hot lately. I’ve had problems with my ROKU, sites where I watch the (few) tv programs I miss by having free antenna tv (Game of Thrones). My husband streams hockey games, and they’ve been spotty. We’ve even had transformers blowing, normally here (New Orleans) a summertime only occurrence.

So, it might all be a cosmic punk directed right at you.

Or us.

This too shall pass.