Compensation please

everytime I have come in here lately who ever you have for a server is junk.

it keeps disconnecting multiple times costing me good hands that I cant playdue to this problem. its very annoying and needs to be fixed. I enter tournaments and cant play. lots of others with this same problem

how are we gonna be compensated for this and how is problem gonna be fixed

Hi jake100,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble staying connected to the games. Connectivity is something we continue to work on improving, but the truth is that only about half of the factors are under our control. We have an article here with a few things you can check on your side: and it also has a list of info you can send us if you continue to have issues.

Regarding compensation, if you could please contact us at with the names/dates of some of the games you couldn’t play, we’ll be happy to credit those buy-ins back to your account.

Cheers, Lesley