Freerolls for 15K tourny tickets

The top 9 places win a ticket, but why don’t we get to play to the end? The last time I played one of these freerolls, I’m sure you played to the end and 1st place won 2 tickets.

This should be how it works. Equaling 1st place with 9 players isn’t fun at all.

So good question… so at the very start we used to give top 10 players, 1 ticket each and it kept playing to the last player.But we soon realized that was pretty boring for the last 10 players, as there was no incentive to keep playing. Back then we didn’t have the ability to end a tournament early you see. So we decided add that feature, but in the meantime, we thought we’d give the 10th place ticket to the 1st place as an extra ticket to give players a reason to keep playing. When we developed the feature to end a tournament early, we then reverted back to the way it was, awarding 10 players a ticket but then ended it on the top 10 players (in fact now I’ve just checked looks like we give top 9 players one ticket, perhaps as it’s better suited to 9 seat tables - I’ll check with our scheduling team).

But anyway, the idea always was to finish the tourney early and award players finishing in the top X a ticket each. It’s because these freerolls are designed to give new players, and those with a small bankroll an easy way in to access the bigger tourneys.

I hope that all makes sense!

Yeah, it does. I understand the logic.

Still, always nice to finish a tourney in 1st place rather than it just ending with the top 9!

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled GIVE RESPECT WHERE IT’S DUE…. I played a sat. game for a 15 ticket and on the board it said that I came in 1st place, yet when I looked in the lobby u put me as no 8 on the list, WHY? if you are 1st in line does that mean their is 7 people in front of you ? 1st is 1st and this doesn’t sit well with me…game played march 11 early morning