Was well in the lead and got disconected in free rolll

i was well in the lead may have won a free roll but was diconected…wnted to win my first mtt but not sure what happened…got the achie veent for first in an mmt but the table freaked out at finals…very disappointing any insite?

as you all know the free rolls are a hefty amount of players, and its not fun to hit up the final table and get booted out for some odd reason. Maybe its my isp but i wanted to win. Got the First Place MMT Tourny award but did not earn it. I was just booted off and could not reconnect. i Was a final table finisher in a free roll mmt. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

spent over 2 hours winning tables just to be booted is kinda discouraging. I’m sorry…maybe my fault but dangg…

when ;i looked up the table there was no tally as of who won

but i was over ev3eryon by a landslide…just wondering what happened to that table…was a ticket tourney

by the way this was a final table…many many players so that’s why I’m mad…

could get into ring games and others but i wanted to win that one…why? …yes after two hours of destroying the tables i am pretty mad. could not find the table and wanted my win… i don’t care about the achievement that i gained for first place in a mmt, i just wanted to win. plz explain.

btw i love your site and love your get up just not sure if i should continue pla;yiing due to this… i put in hard work and luck to het that far!!!

At the moment Ticket tournaments finish when 9 players are left with all 9 players getting a ticket . You got a ticket in Tournament ID: #1126537. Freeroll to 15k mtt. Use it to enter the games in the lobby which show a 15k ticket symbol

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if you wanna know what happened, then go to the hands category and play back the last hand you was in in the freeroll you played, so you can see how the hand ended.

Ok, I see…so last nine finishers and the game ends. My mistake and ty for the replys.