I was supposed to get a ticket 4 this 7 am freeroll but haven't seen it yet

I was supposed to get a ticket 4 this 7 am freeroll but haven’t seen it yet

Hi roofer.

Was it the Daily Million Freeroll which stopped yesterday and not finished?

When that tourney stopped there were 13 players left, top 5 is paid when the problems were solved and the tourney was finished.

The other 8 were paid out later manually (we thought it was fair to pay all 13 players who still were in the tourney that moment) a ticket, if it is correct you got your ticket few hours later. If you still have doubt, tell me and i ask Andrew to check, but i’m pretty sure of it that all 13 players got a ticket.

Let me know. Greetings Happiness.

Thx Happiness, I thought that was the outcome but I didn’t receive mine as of 8 am Friday morning 10/4/13.

Thanks for the info. I’ll send Andrew an email and ask him to check it out for you.

Sorry about that 1roofer1, looks like everyone got their refund except you - oversight on our part. I’ve now credited you with the token. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks paul, you are the best