Give respect where it's due

I played a sat. game for a 15 ticket and on the board it said that I came in 1st place, yet when I looked in the lobby u put me as no 8 on the list, WHY? if you are 1st in line does that mean their is 7 people in front of you ? 1st is 1st and this doesn’t sit well with me…game played march 11 early morning

The final 9 all win a 15K ticket so it gives the final 9 a first place and ends the tourny

I know, it bugs me as well.

if it bugs you as well then maybe the players should b ranked by chip holdings at close, this would be honorable,I was top at my table with over 50k in chips and placed next to last…

I hope my comment will enlighten you to maybe update the system and ABIG TY for your reply so quickly…!!!

Hmm, it sounds like the problem is how we display the result on the lobby and in the game table. I’m going to make a note now to check how we currently do it and see if it can be made clearer! Thanks for reporting this.