FreeRoll suggestion

I think we should have a high blind FreeRoll for people who like playing big blinds with no chips.

I don’t understand your suggestion. Could use please elaborate a bit more ?


i mean like a multi table freeroll tournament but playing with the big blinds. Ex. sensational blinds, play the high blinds and super blind starter, freeroll version. This is just a suggestion, and I think people would enjoy it.

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I believe me means vary the format, kinda like the leagues do… its not the same each day. Maybee rotate the format within the freerolls each day or something like that Craig.

Oh ,ok I understand now. Thank you Sarah.

Not a bad idea :+1:

Hey @PRIMEZz – we liked your suggestion and will be switching one of the Freerolls to a bigger blind structure. :relaxed:

@PRIMEZz and all – we’ve updated the the 12am ET Freeroll for higher blind fun. It’s similar to our Sensational Blinds tournament, but a Freeroll. :slight_smile: Hope you have fun!

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