Great promotion

Thanks Paul for adding the halloween freeroll!! Tough tourny to finish in top 20 with 175+ players but a lot of fun just the same.

Thanks waitykatie!

I understand during the start of the tournament there was a delay between hands. We’re working on getting rid of this delay, as we know it’s frustrating to have to sit there waiting.

Glad you’re enjoying it! :slight_smile:

I also enjoy the halloween freeroll, its great having so many players (much more challenging!!!). I also want to thank paul , as well as, your staff, for the rapid leaderboard updates!!! U kept your promise that the updates would be after each tourny and came thru!!! The 10 person table is also very interesting (I perssonally enjoy it) The only negative comments i’ve heard, is at the beginning of each tournament people are getting annoyed by length of time between each hand. I don’t really know of a way to speed this up except speeding up time people have to bet. A final question what happens if a person comes in top 20 more than once( are the tickets good for anything else)??? .

Thanks johndqqq!

Glad you like the speed leaderboard updates - we automated it so that it no longer needs updating by hand and so we’ll never miss an update again.

About the length of delay between hands, this is a problem we’re currently working to fix, and it’ll be in place before the next big promotion over Thanksgiving.

It’s a bit late of me to reply (sorry about that). If you won extra tickets then they just expired at the end of the promotion, as we set it up for one ticket per player for the final event. But it was worth to keep playing for the leaderboard.