Ideas for new shiny server

Now that we are all aware that a new server is on the way maybe the players could suggest some possible new features or new games and ideas to improve an already great site.

My suggestions;
(1) In order to combat Ghost tables in tournaments is it possible to not allocate seats at a table until a player has pressed the play now button. This would ensure that only players present would be seated thus eliminating the Ghosts. Registered players arriving late can be seated at new tables or in place of early exits until the end of the first 3 blinds
(2) A tournament where players must play at least 2 hold-em, 2 Omaha, 2 OmahaHi-LO, 2 Royal, 2 Five card Draw and 2 Seven card Stud events. Maybe schedule 5 of each throughout a week long competition. Points could be awarded based on the best two finishing positions in each category. MAJOR BRAGGING RIGHTS lol
Any other ideas???
Keep up the good work

How long would the ply now button be active for? if someone were to press it 30 minutes after the start of the tournament then they would effectively have a late reg where they did not pay any blinds & antes. whereas, if they are seated immediately they would at least be paying a penalty for not showing up.

I do agree that it is a problem that needs addressing as it is really annoying

Just a thought

Hi Perivale,
The play now button would work as it does now. If players are not registered they have whatever late reg limit exists (e.g. 5 min on 100k Freeroll) to register. If they are already registered then they are not seated unless they press play now during first 3 blind levels. Beyond 3 blinds without hitting play now they get booted. There could even be a reduction in their starting chip count to represent blinds or antes.Nothing really changes from the way it is at present except if players are not present they are not seated.
Hope I explained it better this time

Sounds good to me, thanks

Thanks for the suggestions whoeverit. Interesting ideas, keep 'em coming! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think having observer chat appear in a different color would be a nice touch,i’m always talking to ppl that are in the “attic” when I think they’re seated lol

hmmm…it is 2016,where are all the new thinhys promised? like maybe some emotes at the tables :yum: and maybe friend icons by a players name so we know instantly who our friends are when we sit,some of us have sometimers and can’t remember then=m all lol. Also with the icon we can then place in our notes their names :slightly_smiling:

Good things come to those that wait! Don’t worry our development team are hard at work on shiny new stuff. We’ve grown incredibly, over the past few years, and particularly in the last 12 months. So boring stuff like making sure our servers can keep up with the demand and offering a really stable poker experience needs to be prioritised, even though we take it for granted it can make a much bigger overall impact on player enjoyment that those fun bells and whistles we’d love to be working on instead.

I’m sure everybody is busy getting New Shiny Server up and running so maybe this idea could go on that long list of stuff to deal with later. How about adding an in-house odds calculator that would be available while reviewing hands. Maybe it could be integrated so that you click a button and, hey presto there it is, reading your cards and dishing out the odds. As so many people do not seem to understand the odds involved with their hands, this may become a valuable learning tool for those that wish to improve…
Good Luck


So true, the most frustrating thing here on replay is stability. The “community” or “playerbase” can be a great “brainstormming” resource and is at the forefront of what might be better since they are sonstantly playing, whereas the staff might not play as often and see things we all see.

so I have 1 question… does " new servers " mean new firmware that hosts the game, or does it mean a revamp of the site to a better version ?

and 1 comment… while all players have things they want, we players need to realize that the staff must balance the needs/wants of all players, not just 1-2 players even if they have the “killer app/idea”… so the playerbase will never get everything it wants… hahaha.