Foodies Unite!

Coming back to the meatballs and gravy. Couple of tips for the real foodie cooks at home.

Meatballs: let’s flavor it up. I like to use 2 spicy sausages per 12 meatballs to the mix. Split the casings and spoon out the insides and add to the mix. Columbian Chorizo is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to pan sear the meatballs in a good Mediterranean olive oil in a cast iron skillet before baking. This ensures they won’t fall apart in the gravy (sauce) .

Sauce: let’s get creative here since you’ve taken the leap on the meatballs. I always toss 4 1/2 pieces of a good pepperoni in while simmering the meatballs. The oils from the pepperoni add the most delicious flavor to both the meatballs and gravy. ( this is for red sauce only ) .

Try using this on top of angel hair pasta or rice and don’t forget a nice soft pita bread for dipping.

Enjoy :wink:


Thanks to Sufia on the site for having a Moroccan Tagine as an avator and talking to her about it I have bought one and have been cooking my moms Chicken and Apricot recipe in it .

  • this video is basically the recipe . - easy to make and would recommend giving it a go- .really tasty
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Nothing like a bowl full of Chili on a cold, snowy/rainy day in New England .

Everyone is invited. Bring some crusty bread please :joy:

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