Fishing: sting rays

Nothing to do with poker!

This little video shows people just how much flesh can be obtained from a stingray - those people who just cut the wings and throw the rest away are seriously missing out!

The guys here are, obviously, a commercial operation so they don’t grab everything. It looks to me as though there is some small amount of flesh that is left around the spine. What we don’t see, I suspect, is that the carcass is sold and used as a fish stock.

Fishing is fine and fun and I fish whenever I get a chance.

I take a lesson from this video that it is important to not waste anything of your catch. Do you notice that the cleaners keep the liver? The heart is probably very tasty as well but too small to worry about in a commercial setting.

As a recreational fisherman, I see no reason why the non-edible “guts” shouldn’t be recycled as berley/chum and the same for the now fully used, boiled to make stock, carcass.

(looking after the oceanic environment)

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Stingray? :face_vomiting:. I’m from New England, the seafood capital of the world. North Atlantic tuna, cod, haddock, bluefish, lobster, clams , etc. I don’t think I could ever eat stingray, especially after watching that video but to each thier own. Let me see if I can find a real fish video.

Now that’s good eating no waste tuna !

I appreciate your comments and totally agree that there are better fish out there.

My point is that, as recreational fisherman, we can use pretty much every fish, including stingray, that we catch. Even fish that are carefully released only have a 50% survival rate at best (species dependent amongst other things). Species that are protected are protected for a very good reason and even a 50% survival rate is a very good reason to put them back.

The other thing that I think about, that I didn’t previously mention, is that I eat fish and meat and each of the different vegetables more for texture than flavour. Flavour, in my meals, comes from herbs and spices. I might be more fussy if I regularly ate raw food but I don’t.

In a blind test, I don’t think that I could tell the difference between best quality tuna and some rubbish fish if they were ground up and served to me. Texture makes the difference!


IMHO, it’s ALL about the taste. I don’t eat anything for texture lol. Why eat fish if you don’t like the taste, I don’t get it …. That’s like saying “ you eat dog poop because it has good texture and tons of nutrients :face_vomiting:

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