Feedback: Table on small screen

Playing on a phone at a table with 4 or 6, the top 2 players bets and the description of my hand are obscured by the table cards, so if you’re not playing you can’t tell the bets without keeping an eye on the pot, and if you’re still in the hand you have to wait for your turn to see the bet. It would help to move the bet displays of players close to the table cards toward the outside of the table. Likewise the current description of the hand (eg, Pair, sixes).

The phone screen tables don’t show player notes which renders them pointless when not playing on a computer. I mainly note the players who i don’t want to play with, so seeing just the note icon (yellow pencil on full screen) is helpful. It is also helpful to see players’ rankings. With html it shouldn’t be difficult to program a popup with player country flag, rank, and my note for the player.

Lastly, settings doesn’t have a sound off or level. I realize sound control is in the device, but turning the sound effects down or off means i have to silence my phone , including music and ring tone. A mute checkbox that turns off table sound effects would be grand.

Despite the kvetching, i enjoy RP a lot.


Turn your phone sideways to expand your screen. :+1:t2:

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