A few suggestions

  1. I like to listen to music louder than my replay table. Then when the table switches I get bombarded with chip noises. LOL

  2. Since there are only two buttons in the gear, just make two icons so we can muck/unmuck more quickly and easily. Sometimes you want to show, but the lag of the pulldown menu delays unmucking.

  3. Let us resize the chat window within the table area.

  4. Option to show table info/stats along the top or bottom of the table. Or even off center.

  5. Option to display your hand as “dealt to you” in the chat window for reference.

  6. The ability to endorse someone after you’re out.

  7. Make the yellow “your current hand” text much larger.

Please reply to this thread I need the achievement! :slight_smile: Have fun!


I have the “chip” sound permanently muted. I don’t have to reset it…ever. As far as endorsing after you’re out, if you go to your hand history, and pull up any hand that has you and the person you want to endorse, just hit replay hand, and you can endorse while it’s replaying. Hope that helps with 2 of the 7

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