A few suggestions

  1. I like to listen to music louder than my replay table. Then when the table switches I get bombarded with chip noises. LOL

  2. Since there are only two buttons in the gear, just make two icons so we can muck/unmuck more quickly and easily. Sometimes you want to show, but the lag of the pulldown menu delays unmucking.

  3. Let us resize the chat window within the table area.

  4. Option to show table info/stats along the top or bottom of the table. Or even off center.

  5. Option to display your hand as “dealt to you” in the chat window for reference.

  6. The ability to endorse someone after you’re out.

  7. Make the yellow “your current hand” text much larger.

Please reply to this thread I need the achievement! :slight_smile: Have fun!


I have the “chip” sound permanently muted. I don’t have to reset it…ever. As far as endorsing after you’re out, if you go to your hand history, and pull up any hand that has you and the person you want to endorse, just hit replay hand, and you can endorse while it’s replaying. Hope that helps with 2 of the 7


Please add a reverse sort option to Forum boards that do not need to be followed chronologically e,g Joke of the Week. If we need to clear cache the board loses its last position and scrolling thru 2000 entries over several years takes some time and is a pain.

When you log into the forum it automatically brings you to the last entry you read if you have your settings to “ latest “ when you don’t log in your starting at the beginning of the thread.

The problem occurs when you need to clear cache to resolve lobby loading issues. If you do not remember to reset Latest you start again at the beginning.

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Agree! I’ve asked for this previously! It was different and better as it was on the OLD Adobe/flash tables! I like occasionally & sporadically showing bluffs and the nutz for fun! This made poker more fun for me and I hope more fun for others to see too! I almost never show hands anymore on the new HTTP tables bc its too inconvenient & slows down play! A faster game is a good and fun game compared to a slow game! Very little is better about the new HTTP tables!

Love this option too! I always change the browser to 90% sizing which adjust the chat window to display 5 lines instead of 4. This is a slightly inconvenient, manual improvement for me personally, that I make every time I decide to play on RP. The OLD Adobe/flash tables were better, displaying more lines of chat!

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“MTTs Only”

Sometimes you are sitting at a great table and want to stay there for as long as possible.
Then, you get bumped to another table with “very tough to compete against” players. :grimacing:

Sometimes you are sitting amongst the most difficult and annoying players you have ever seen,
and you are stuck there forever!
A whole game of aggressive bingo anyone?

I accept that there is some logarithm that moves players randomly as necessary, that has never a problem with me, that’s the way it goes.

How about a button?

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

(only to be used once per game)

I do realize some players use this aggressiveness as a tool,
and I know it works,


until it doesn’t. :grin:
until it doesn’t. :grin:
until it doesn’t. :grin:


I have a suggestion {it might not fit here) but i would like to see Replay send an email or notice to everyone,that it would be most helpful if they would make known that politics,religeon are not acceptable at the poker table
I knowthink there is something in the rules about that but most players don’t read those lol.
My experience here is mostly enjoyable until some players show up spouting derogatory comments about various political figures and parties. also think guns and abortion comments are inapproiate at the table.
I get enough of that non stop from news and internet and most people or alot of them believe all they hear and see.
I want to play in a fun atmosphere and not listen or see all these things…maybe a post on how these sunjects are off limits or chat privilege will be revoked? Maybe flash it on screen like you do your chip sales?
Thank you for listening,

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They are trolls. The dregs of humanity and are of no consequence. Ugly, unimportant, festering vassals of nothingness and are of less meaning than used toilet paper. 50 year old, Living in their parents basement and never worked a day in their life. Never did anything, never been anywhere, never loved anyone (other than their 400kg fat ass self).
The only importance they can bring to their existence is to annoy good people.
Let’s deny them that by ignoring them

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@ColbyRoad . Politics and religion are shunned upon on the forums but the chat is not monitored so it’s up to the players to report inappropriate chat behavior.

I agree with everything you said :+1:t2:

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Craig they could report it to a Moderator instead of support and it will be nipped in the bud quicker.


Muting them immediately AT the table will ‘nip them in the bud’ ever so much quicker. No need for a rep, mod or support…


I agree Dan. Also a player can click on the avatar of a player and you will see a triangle. Hover over it and you will see “ report player “. Just click on that and make your report immediately. Not sure who gets it first but it’s fast !

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I agree that a publec announcement of some sort would be beneficial as Colby stated many players
don’t seem to know about the rules or don’t care. Perhaps an announcment with the threat of losing chat
privileges would help?

Craig support gets the report first. Depending on the time of day if anyone is on. People would have to notify us on a problem. It does not hurt to report at the table then notify us.


Yes, there are links showing which moderators are online at any given time. These are at the bottom of each page. You can message a mod even if they aren’t on your friend list.

I rarely report players, unless they are really egregious.


So if you use the triangle on the player’s profile at a table it goes to support first then Mods ?

Seams like the long way around but thank you brother for the explanation.

Better to click on a mod that’s on duty .

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