Smaller cards?

I play on my phone, and today the cards are much much smaller in font size compared to what they’ve been since I signed up. It’s actually very distracting since they are kind of hard to see now.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to change the card size in settings?

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Agreed. It’s not just you. I can see the cards with my glasses on, but it’s not comfortable and not a welcome change.

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for writing in. I was able to confirm with our Tech Team that they reworked the layout of the mobile version to fit everything properly. Depending on the device players use and which tables they play, there have been overlaps of icons within the table. We want to make sure everything appears seamless across all devices, browsers and tables so they appear smaller now, but everything fits on screen.
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I’d rather live with the overlap than deal with not being able to see the cards.

I also prefer the old configuration. Now I can’t play because I don’t see the cards.
Can you leave it as before?

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The smaller the screen the smaller everything. Instead off your phone try the app on an iPad. That should be comfortable for everyone to see.

For people that have an iPad or an iPhone I suppose that is an option. For those that don’t and have less than perfect eyesight, the larger cards were very helpful.

Also, the smaller the screen the smaller everything is not exactly true. Of course my phone has a smaller screen but the cards were bigger until they reduced the size of them, so simplifying it to the fact that it’s due to a smaller device is just false.

Maybe they could come to a compromise. By that I mean enlarging the community cards (because there is a lot of wasted space of green felt now), but keep the hole cards of everyone smaller so as not to overlap their chip stack and the ability to make decisions based on knowing every opponent’s remaining chip count. If they could do it this way I think it might accommodate everyone.

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Sounds logical enough. Make your thoughts and ideas know to support , not just here.

Best of luck

I play not on Phone and can not see the problem. My idea for this problem would be cards like this:


And in 4 colors.
More is not needed for playing, the cards can be smaller, but very good to read.
For other devices such cards can be a good option too. Many players are older and can not good see.
Good for multi tabling on small table-sizes too.
Nice pictures and many diamonds on the cards must not be.
Other sites have the option to show such cards.

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all your feedback regarding the change we made in our mobile layout. I have passed them along to the rest of the Team. If you have an iPhone, we highly recommend downloading our app:

Our Team is working on an app for Android users and we will announce once it is ready to launch.


I have written support and they have been very cooperative / supportive. I am hoping they can create a resolution that works for everybody. Thanks to all fellow players that have responded to this thread offering their opinions.

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Excellent :+1:t2: