Enable marking of players, good or bad, to your private comments

On other poker sites you are allowed to mark a player with your own personal notes. They show a small star or highlight, I really would like to see that. Met some pretty RUDE players, for no reason!

Its will be an option add note from the table quick, you can add now from the dasboard only.

Please send privet the hand numbers or the user nick in question, we sort out rude users asap.


PS, will be a mod button soon at the table, all reports process will be much easy.

IbeNancy, you can add notes to a player from their profile page on the website. We hope to extend this soon to the game table, so you can more easily add/edit them there. Re. rude players, please do report this to our support team as we try hard to maintain a polite and friendly poker site. You can email support@replaypoker.com, send a private message to a moderator or use the support icon that looks like (?) at the top of the page to send us a message.